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Avenged Sevenfold regretfully announce they will not be performing at the upcoming Soundwave in Australia. After much effort, the band decided that they could not offer fans the live experience they have come to expect and didn’t want to disappoint them. Avenged Sevenfold will return to Australia soon to headline their own tour.

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A7x hope to return to

A7x hope to return to Indonesia .. here we want you to sing to entertain fans A7x Indonesia

Very disappointing to miss

Very disappointing to miss out on A7X at Soundwave!! They were the main reason I bought tickets :( Still cant wait til they make it here in Brisbane :)

I think all the people who

I think all the people who bought soundwave tickets should get a discount @ your next Australian show, because I like alot of other people actually only bought the ticket because A7X was going to be there. And I think that is quite unfair :(


A7X IS THE BEST BAND EVER. No matter what their reason is it's absolutly understandable. I mean, they've had a tough year (last year.) and it might not be getting any better. Maybe they don't wanna play at the same time as Iron Maiden because they are both equally good in some peoples eyes so they might get less people watching them. (Id deffinatly be watching a7x not iron maiden) haha. But get over it guys. Have a great time at soundwave and enjoy the other bands. If you REALLY want to see them, get tickets for the concert in Australia. I'm sure it's not impossible to get the money. And also at "metalfan" why the hell would you even think of writing that awful comment on here!?!? Get over it! If you were really a fan of there's you wouldn't say such a thing. I understand that you are annoyed but there is no need for such nonsense! A7X have tried their hardest to bring us an amazing show but they didn't wanna dissapoint their fans by bringing them something not as good as they could have done. If they wanna pull out, there would be a good explaination. And what the hells with the (wrong bottled water back stage) I don't think they are stupid enough to pull out of something for a TINY reason. You have to understand that they would still be having a difficult time having to take Mike on tour as of the passing of their beloved drummer, friend and brother. RIP REV <3 Well that's all I have to say..

Love from your biggest fan! At only 12 years old (:

I love avenged sevenfold the

I love avenged sevenfold the rev is a big influence on me and i believe what all the guys have if they cant bring a good show they shouldnt come.
all i know is im getting tickets when they come to australia

They will be back everyone

They will be back everyone don't act like these guys don't have lives man the gaul of some people!!! A7x or nothing!!!!!!

I bought the ticket for you

I bought the ticket for you guys and I'm a little pissed that the organisers of Soundwave wouldn't do anything. But now that I know of your own tour... hell I'll buy the ticket when I can.

I'll keep my Soundwave ticket for Bullet, Iron Maiden, Slayer and more though...

did any1 notice the fact that

did any1 notice the fact that they said they are gonna come for a tour of their own???????? as in, JUST A7X!!!!!!!!!!!!
i would see them alone any day than them at soundwave!

A serious disappointment for

A serious disappointment for all Australian A7X fans considering a majority of us paid to see you guys at soundwave. I cant believe you would screw over so many of ur fans just because of a lightshow. The tix to ur next show in aus better be cheap cause this is ridiculous!

Im not going to try and hide

Im not going to try and hide my dissapointment for whatever reasons you guys have pulled out for. Im sure you have your reasons, however, i am very concerned that you are only considering an Aussie tour. I have paid $3,500 to fly over to Aussie just to see you guys at soundwave. I paid alot of money for a band i dont get to see now. If you post a link on Facebook or on this website asking how many fans paid $3,500 to fly to Aussie to see you at soundwave i bet you would get high 100's - 1000 mark. Compensation by throwing Auckland, New Zealand a full throtle show will make it up to all us fans chasing you around the world.

On another note, i just txt my best mate this news of you pulling out of soundwave, he was considering pulling out of the trip. He doesnt seem to realise the accommo and airfares are non-refundable.

Whatever reasons you guys have pulled out for, i understand. I hope to see you guys live in the near future. Please dont forget your devoted fans following you around from New Zealand. Our tiny population of 4.5 million ill give you the biggest, loudest and most badass show you have seen/heard. You wont be able to hear you instruments ;)

All this support for A7X and

All this support for A7X and defence of "they have their reasons" is laughable.
AJ is the organiser of soundwave and here's a quote posted the soundwave forum:
From AJ's Twitter:

Avenged have decided, despite having originally confirmed a mid afternoon spot, that they are now unwilling to play unless it is night time. At the same time, they are refusing to play at the same time as Maiden. Which leads me to believe they want Maiden's time moved! While Avenged are a massive band, having sold around 8,000 copies of their new album Nationally, I wont be able to move Maiden's time slot. I have now reached the point where I can no longer mess around 70 other bands and 180,000 ticket holders to appease this band's nonsense. I have every expectation that they will go back on their agreement and cancel. I guess I'd better start lining up a replacement. Let's have your ideas people!

Can anyone say Divas?
And what does not wanting to play opposite Maiden have to do with delivering the best show for the people???

A7X when you do your

A7X when you do your headlining tour please please please come to New Zealand! We will honestly rock your world! (Ask Metallica haha) If you don't I guess we'll settle for Australia :l

& your fans down under have every bit of faith in your drummer decision making- Best of luck!

I will be straight out honest

I will be straight out honest with you guys, I'm very upset and devistated because you pulled out of Soundwave, it was the only reason I was going but because I love you to bits, I'm going to overlook this and hope that for whatever reason it was that you guys couldn't come, it won't affect your next visit to Australia. We are just as much of your fans as any other countries fans and would really love to see you guys perform more often. In the post on the 'news' page it said that yous didn't think you could give us the performance we'd expect.. Well no matter what your music will always be great and no matter what yous do on stage we will love it and be more than thankful for your visit. Can't wait till you come to Australia. Love you all very much and good luck Mike, looking forward to seeing you at the future concerts.

It's awesome that you guys

It's awesome that you guys are doing your own headline tour for us, it will be an amazing experience!! It seems that many people are dissapointed about soundwave, which is understandable to a degree. I, like many others, bought tickets (for two shows) mainly to see you, to rock out to the best metal band in the world. The only dissapointment I have is that I was keen to show my mates how unreal A7X is! And I was thinking it would be an opportunity for you to connect with the fans that have not yet heard you/haven't listened to your music, with your outstanding live performances! If there is any way you can change your mind, then perhaps you could consider playing at soundwave as well as your headline show, not only to lift the spirits of some of the fans, but to further expand the A7X status in Australia. If you cannot do that (understandably so), then maybe you could offer fans who bought tickets to see you at soundwave a discount to the headline tour, or some special deal. But in the end, I truly respect whatever decision you guys make, and will be there to support you all no matter what when you come downunder, hopefully more than once and within metres of the stage! Cannot wait to see you perform, it has been something I have looked forward to for a long time!!

Keep on rocking, you guys are absolute legends, and fill that gap in my life!!

See ya soon

Your fans!! you dont know

Your fans!! you dont know whats going with the band atm. You guys need to pull ya heads in, your all acting like a bunch of spoilt brats.. now i dont get much money, coming from a big family that doesnt have much, and i buy tickets to two conerts a year... i bought tickets to soundwave mearly to see a7x.. they pulled out im shatterd.. so what im sticking by them to the end.. i hope maybe if i can work a little harder i can get tickets to there headlining tour... guys you need to pull your heads in they are as good as ever.. and if you really were fans you would support them.. your acting like your not a fan.. if thats the case... then what the hell are you doing on this website?? really??

Man you guys are so rude. I

Man you guys are so rude. I love A7X I am sad they are not coming but I am happy that they are thinking about the fan and that they want to give us a great show so I will when they come down to Australia be welcoming them with open arm and I will be ready to rock.
love A7X

wow people are rude....be

wow people are rude....be happy they are even trying to perform there...they could of never tried to begin with.
A7X is thee bestt. (:
avenged sevenfold for LIFE! <3
~your #1 fan. Becky ~

i hope you comeback soon, i

i hope you comeback soon, i don't care what the real reasons were for you guys pulling out, just as long as you come back soon and play and make up for it

I bought my kids and myself

I bought my kids and myself tickets for Christmas to soundwave to see my our two favourite metal bands, A7X and Maiden. A week before Xmas you guys pull out over prima donna stuff. Don't bother touring Oz, I know I won't buy tickets. Hate to spend good money again and you guys pull out at the last momet over something so minor as the wrong bottled water backstage. Please don't give us the crap about "you did it for the fans", we are NOT that stupid. Incredibly disappointed in your egos.

How rude of you to even think

How rude of you to even think about posting such?!? I mean yes you and your kids are disappointed just like the other millions of fans across the whole Australia but saying 'don't bother touring oz' is over the board and I'm more than sure that many would agree with me, if you were a true fan you would never say something like that. At the end of the day it is their choice to stay or go and they have their own reasons so they pulled out. Everyone should be thankful enough that they are still trying to bring us good music and continue their touring and their band.

Can we get a good explanation

Can we get a good explanation on why Mike Portnoy was terminated? At least announce it officially and give us some light of what happened. We know you guys don't like to talk about "personal stuff" and dislike drama, so do we, but this is a pretty significant event. Shed some light in the reasoning for this decision.

I would like it if you guys avoided the happy generic explanation too. "We love fans. We love music. We love Mike Portnoy. Mike Portnoy is gone." You guys are smarter than this.

That is unless you had some real personal drama between you, then that's just uncomfortable to think of. I hope I wasn't being stupidly oblivious with this, and that that is the case.

Either way, what's going on is extremely detrimental to your image. Don't be douchebags. It was cool when you were those dark, spiteful teens with intellectual pretenses. Now people just see you like stuck-up bubblegum metal douchebags "cliches" with legions of teeny-boppers giving them undeserved praise. That finesse that was manifest in the name "Avenged Sevenfold" itself has tarnished, and all that's left is the name as a reminder of what used to be. What about you just make the slight effort to give the impression that you wanted to give back then?

im completly dissapointed. i

im completly dissapointed. i have to say i have lost respect for you guys and dont think id be buyin a tik to any of ya shows any time soon. dissapointed guys... very dissapointed.

I have to say i`m really

I have to say i`m really disappointed, u guys were the main reason i was going, but i`m sure the reasons are good. I love the new album & was hanging to hear some of it live. Look 4ward 2 the aussie tour, REAL soon!

Pffft that's okay when they

Pffft that's okay when they finally make it to Australia I'll be there in all my best Iron maiden gear chanting for Maiden... Grow up A7X and Possibly speak the truth about your cancellation

Everyone stop complaining, be

Everyone stop complaining, be grateful that they are doing a separate headline show in Australia, they work their butts off doing all the concerts. so what if its a couple of hundred dollars that you loose. its well worth a separate headline concert!

Well fuck. My friends and I

Well fuck. My friends and I bought tickets to every Soundwave mostly just to see you guys. . . time to sell them. ):
Keen for the headlining tour. . see you at all the shows.

Although i didnt buy my

Although i didnt buy my Soundwave ticket solely to see you guys rock, you were the main reason. Shattered you're not playing now! Do we get discounted tickets for your tour when you eventually come to Oz? That seems like a reasonable trade to "avoid disappointment"....

This is a poor effort

This is a poor effort guys...I worked my ass off to get tickets to Soundwave to see you perform and you cancel because you dont get the timeslot you want. Get over your ego's and think of the fans

who gives a shit about u

who gives a shit about u working ur ass off to get tickets, u should of thought about not going to soundwave and just waiting for them to come to aus like the rest of us, get the fuck over it. a7x rocks

if u really wana see them then work ur ass off again to go to their full concert in Aus like me!

Come to NZ! We really know

Come to NZ! We really know how to rock!

Please guys... I've had a

Please guys... I've had a couple of months that hasn't been exactly good for me. I don't have to go into details but I have had a really shitty couple of months.

I have been working my ass of in a factory for a long while to save up money to go to Australia (I'm from Sweden) to see you guys!

When you did your show in Malmö, Sweden on the 19th November, I got kicked out by some fucking racist bouncer and spent hours out in the cold crying, while hearing your kickass setlist and ever since that day I've had this sick anxiety until the day I noticed you were going to Soundwave.

When I read that you had cancelled Soundwave on your Facebook profile I thought it was some kind of joke.
Please tell me that this is just a bad dream, please tell me that you are acctually going to Soundwave.... But I'm starting to realise that I won't wake up from this dream and that infact this dream is the sad reality I'm living in...so if you're not going to Soundwave can you atleast tell me what the reason to you not going is. That would, if just a little, make me a little bit more happy.

One of your most dedicated fans from Sweden.

Please come to Singapore A7X!

Please come to Singapore A7X! Can't wait to hear you guys play live!!!!

please Avenged come to

please Avenged come to Brazil!!!!! to São Paulo....

please A7X come to Brazil

please A7X come to Brazil with the nightmare tour !!!Brazil.

please A7X come to rock in

please A7X come to rock in rio, brazil!!!!!