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Head over to Avenged Sevenfold’s webstore and check out the special edition Nightmare Box Set for Halloween. The limited edition set contains an exclusive Nightmare artwork t-shirt, black knit fingerless gloves with A7x logo, Nightmare album and much more.


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I live in Northwest Indiana

I live in Northwest Indiana and i am waiting my ass off for A7x to come to Illinois. I have soooooo much more love for A7x than ANY other band! I feel like since this Nightmare cd came blasting out of the sky pulverizing ALL other bands that soooo many other bands are trying to immitate A&x like they kinda sound like them but no cigar guys! They just don't have that huge horse blazing through everyone like A7x. That just goes to show you who all these other bands are trying to immitate, well immitation is the biggest form of flattery A7x is eternal! I took it really hard when the Rev. opened that door to eternity! But I know the band will find the right drummer with the right look and play harder and faster than ever before! You will hear the Rev in all future songs due to his leading of this band from Gods eye view! So don't think just because the Rev wanted to fly that you won't hear his war drum beating STILL! HE WANTS TO FEEL AND KNOW YOU HEAR HIM!! This band has helped me through the hardest times of my life n helped me have the best times! A7x now needs my support so anyone who reads this and knows someone that doesn't quite know what band is the best well... ITS THIS ONE and they really need us fans to let them know we are right here ready for the war. So Mike, Zack, Mike, Johnny and Siniter if you read this I am right here always for you and if Mike P. doesn't take a permanent place in the best band ever then my ass will learn to play the drums faster, louder and harder than n e mfr alive. We will live up to your rep and pick up where you left off!!!! But I know if Mike doesn't stay you will need someone who was absolutely fkn nutts!!! I think it should be your close friend who has that look that A7x has, kinda vampirish!!! Ya!! I will be waiting for every new piece of work that you guys make beccause it all just keeps getting harder n faster! I truly love you guys and like you said Michael "Its not ok to give up! " So please never stop! NOOOO NOOOOT TOOOODAY!!!!! lol off the waking the fallen cd! I'll be in touch. A7x eternally!

mmmm yeahhhh! I LURRRRVE you

mmmm yeahhhh! I LURRRRVE you guys!!! You're seriously the best songwriters EVERRRR ^_^ i go to an all girls school and there are like 3 of us who like your music in my year :P but... fear not! I'm slowly converting the rest ahahahahaha XD keep doing what you're doing cos it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and hopefully... some day in the future.... i can watch you guys play live!!!!!!!!! ALL MY LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE <333333333333333333
and to The Rev - you were an amazing inspiration to sooo many of us :( it's hard but the memory of you keeps us all going <3 foREVer ^_^

A7X, my kids & I love rocking

A7X, my kids & I love rocking out to you guys. My profile pic is a pumpkin my daughter carved for Halloween & we had all kinds of people saying how cool it was & taking pics with their phones. Come back to Pennsylvania!

hello, I'm Swiss! Even in

hello, I'm Swiss!
Even in Switzerland there are fans of Avenged Sevenfold!

R I P Jimmy "The Rev"

Nicolas Tschopp

A7X forever

its me again! XD please come

its me again! XD please come to guadalajara, mexico!!

Nyaaaa mãe eu

Nyaaaa mãe eu querooooooooooooo!

hey guys, what about a new

hey guys, what about a new avenged sevenfold cd but just with acoustic versions of your songs? that would sound great! =D imagine an acoustic of the wicked end, or just a classic like beast and the harlot? i'd die to listen to that. wish you start working on sth like that.
best wishes from argentina!

PS: we want you to come over here and kick some asses! we'll be totally grateful.



halah ngomong apa!! welcome

halah ngomong apa!! welcome to INDONESIA



lol? :P

lol? :P

yea... go go go A7X... we

yea... go go go A7X...
we miss You in Indonesia

ohh please come to

ohh please come to chihuahua,mexico
please please mexico fans are waiting for you!!
love you guys^ ^

i'll try to get it! dont miss

i'll try to get it!
dont miss guadalajara, mexico fans!! please come!!!
you rock a7x