Concert in Jakarta, Indonesia Cancelled

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Concert in Jakarta, Indonesia Cancelled

Over the years, Jakarta, with its many loyal A7X fans, has become one of our favorite cities to visit. And so it is with the deepest regret that we announce tonight's (May 1) concert in Jakarta, Indonesia has been cancelled.

Upon arriving at the venue in the morning and consulting with local production staff it was determined that the stage at Carnaval Beach was not safe and would endanger the band and the thousands of fans who had purchased tickets. Although the building of a stage is the responsibility of the promoter, not the band, our production crew made every effort to work with local staff to find a way to overcome concerns and put on a safe event. Unfortunately the safety concerns were too great and made it impossible for us to perform.

You may read reports from others that the show was cancelled because the band was worried about its security. Do not believe it. There is only one reason the show was cancelled: the stage had numerous defects and was not safe and our fans, as well as the band and crew, could have been hurt.

Words cannot adequately express how disappointed we are at missing the opportunity to play in Jakarta.

We have been advised by the promoter that full refunds will be issue to ticketholders at the Twin Plaza Hotel Ballroom on May 5 between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M.

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please come to Indonesia again, but you must make some noisy to BALI..
Schecter Synyster vs Schecter Blade.. i love it

hoooo ......
my friends the fallen from the holy city of clove come all the way to Jakarta concert canceled and got there, my friend said she was disappointed with the promoter and when he got him home he swore promoters ....

you know, how disappointed I heard the news of the cancellation of that .... but I'm trying to be good fans ........ I just want you to come here again someday ..... may god have planned our encounter on the other times ... thank you ....Avenged Sevenfold

please come again to Indonesia..
at that time I permission have from job and prepare during through years to look on the concert all of you, but clock 18.00 WIB is "nightmare" for the dream of my meet all of you.. that concert is all of you canceled..
Very SAD, MAD, and My Heart Break..
3 Years I am waiting all of you to come in Indonesia...
Synester Gates... I love U so Much.
I will always pray to all of you, and await the new album from avenged sevenfold.

whether you will return to Indonesia one day?

Coming back, coming back..
We wait forever, wait forever...
Lets have a concert, have a concert....
Let's start the concert, start the concert...

and fuck for promotor..

This is definitely the promoters fault!! and also the conditions in Indonesia is shit right now from what I see through the news

I had a dream that I sang So far Away with you guys, I am going to see you next month in Atlantic City. I have been counting the days since February when I bought the tickets,am driving 7 hours to you and hope and pray that I get called up to sing with you all, I am determined! I will post, knowing you don't have a clue what your fans comment on, but if there is any chance of someone getting through to one of you to call me up, Im making a sign and bulldozing my way up front. I know its a risk and I will probably get hurt,but its worth it to me lol I love you guys and cant wait to see you put on a kick ass show. Hopefully I will be up there with you singing my heart out! Love you all, lets do shots! ----Katie ****** A7X for life******

I am very sorry for the cancellation of the first May in Jakarta, I hope we can see the appearance of avenged sevenfold as soon as possible. The Fallen is awaiting our arrival to Indonesia not to cancel the concert. back to Jakarta, Indonesia avenged sevenfold please

A7X pleaseeeeee back to Jakarta. We're always waiting whenever it's time. I LOVE YOU GUYSS :)

Come back again to Jakarta, Avenged Sevenfold
I will wait for your best performance here
Don't be afraid with A7X Fans Jakarta

We will wait you until the end
We love you!!!!!

when back a7x concert in indonesia

Do you know, how heartbreaking we are after heard that you canceled your big concert in Indonesia??? We came from many cities from Indonesia just to see you directly. We save our precious money just to buy your ticket concert. Even, we didn't go to college or work just to see your great performance. We don't need our refund money, ... :(
Please come to Indonesia in the near future..
Heal our disappointment with your performance

You have to come back here ASAP... !!

yes guys, dont be sad guys. we have to believe that they canceled the concert was for our sake also, and we also have to believe that someday they will come back here and will hold a concert here again. Maybe later in the album they are to-7 (if they release it), they will be launching their album here again and hopefully not with that fucking promoter !

and whatever the case we must always love and support a7x, right? :D

we are the real fans " avenged sevenfold " in indonesia,, and we are wait you for concert in indonesia ....
because we missing you again,, once again....


Thanks for making A7X gig in S'pore a memorable and definitely an enjoyable one though there were much of shoving and stampede at the front row! I lost my shoes and my knee was bruised from the shoving but hey, it was all worth the pain after getting to see my fav metalcore band in town after 4 fcuking years, as well as the passing of the Rev. Syn looked awesome as ever with his signature hat and guitar, damn he was effing hot that night, same goes to the rest! Arin, your drum solo was a badass one esp when the part where Matt told the crowd to form a circle to film for their upcoming DVD. Didn't expect them to play my fav track from waking the fallen, second heartbeat. Thanks again A7X. If not for the good management between their security and S'pore's security, the concert would not be possible.


we can hope you come again AVENGED SEVENFOLD


Oh no..!!!

Oh no..!!!

Pliss , As Soon come back to Indonesia with Java Musikindo be the better ...

'come back to me is almost easy'

we'll always wait for you to come to Indonesia again

God Bless Us...

you will never know how did it feel to wait for you outside the building for more than 6 hours, sitting on the dirty road in a very high temperature, hoping that we finally see you.. and it's over in less than 5 minutes announcement. you really had leaved us with a lot of question in our head. there'r a lot of fans from outside jakarta, and as i've heard, many fans has really2 save their money, even for food, just to buy ur tickets. maybe it's the ShowMaxx mistake, but can't you even do something to ease our disapointments?

Your safety is more important than anything!!! I love you guys :))

YA YA YA YA YA........................................... A7X batal konser di jakarta. kecewa dan kesal....

temen gwa datang dari jauh-jauh malah konser batal... ah...

YA YA YA YA YA........................................... A7X batal konser di jakarta. kecewa dan kesal....

i hope you come again, not on 1 May 2012..!
indonesia love A7X foREVer...!!!

we will always like n love you A7X...!!!

I hope you can coming again to Indonesia !!
But, not in Jakarta !! Perform in KARAWANG, West Java !!!!!!!!

We LOVE you guys !! A7X foREVer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you. I'll wait for you

any times comes to jakart









a7x come back to indonesia its almost easy
come back again its almost easyyy !
please come back again

a7x come back to indonesia its almost easy
come back again its almost easyyy !
please come back aga

it was nightmare for us..

i already been there since the morning and i didn't know what to do until the show's up,. tired, bored, sleepy, hungry becomes one. but it won't kill our spirit to wait you there. and not just fans from Indonesia who came at that time to watch the show, they come from all over just for you and it states that you are loved. just promised us that you will come again to indonesia as soon as possible if you still care of us.. We still waiting and still loving you..

Avenged sevenfold,i hope you can back again to indonesia sometime,cause we wait you more than 4 years....
so,come back to indonesia again some time....

so dissapointing... be back to Indonesia again...will you guys ??
there's so many ur fans here... we''ll be waiting ...

Please, soon again to INDONESIA.. and don't you cancelled angain :"(

Please avenged sevenfold come to costa rica here in costa rica you have a lot of fans

I would not blame the band. But the promoters are incompetent in all preparations.
next, do not give up come back to Indonesia

I was very disappointed to you, why do you cancel a concert in jakarta?


avenged sevenfold . please come again at malaysia !
please ! you all are fucking awesome :)