Merch Giveaway

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Merch Giveaway

We’ll be randomly sending 10 winners who have signed up for our email list an exclusive merch pack (subject to size availability). Make sure your signed up by June 29th when we announce the winners.

im not suck for this :D

Happy Birthday Syn! =D
you rock!!

Happy Birthday Syn !
You're the best guitarist of all guitarists

Love you all
Kisses for members of A7X


First off i'd like to wish Syn Gates a happy birthday. Second i wish you all death bats good luck. A7X foREVer !!!!!!! :) \m/

I hope I win the purple Syn guitar so I can smash it for being the opposite of metal. Black/silver White/black white/gold red/black stripes, black/red stripes and the 2 deluxes are pretty sweet though...I think he needs a few more signature guitars

Very big hopes here too. Wish I could be the one. And thank you A7X for the show in Quebec City on June 21st, it was fantastic. I'M MISSING YOU. You have my heart. Good luck to everybody.

Avenged Sevenfold you probably won't read this but if you do i just want you to know that your music has had such an impact on my life. I listen to it every day and you guys are pretty much the only band i listen to you guys were my insperation to start writing music and Jimmy was the one who inspired me to become a drummer. You guys are the best band in the world and I don't know what I would do if you guys stopped producing music. A7x you guys are the best. foREVer

if this had a facebook like link i would. A7x has changed my life and several other peoples that i know!

I joined the email list a day before the deadline... I now live among the other Deathbats

Johnny Christ!! The anticipation........ Oh my Rev, I wish they would announce the winners soon. Good luck to all the Sevenfoldists out there. ~-Everybody see what I did there??? LOL.-~ <3~A7X foREVer~ᵋ>

I highly doubt I'll win but Good Luck to all the Deathbats :))

Oh my God, the anticipation! Holy Jesus.

Wonder if they realized they said theyd announce the winners on the 29th of last month and the newsletter still isnt out....

THAT....would suck.

you guys have to post soon!! please?!?! i love your guys ' music by the way...(: foREVer <3

you guys have to post soon!! please?!?! i love your guys ' music by the way...(: foREVer <3

you guys have to post soon!! please?!?! i love your guys ' music by the way...(: foREVer <3

Whoever get's it, is a lucky person.Keep on rocking guys!

I hope they announce the winners soon...the anticipation is killing me. Whoever wins shall be the luckiest person alive....:) Hope I win! ~A7X foREVer~ ♥

if i win i would feel like the luckiest person alive. I love A7x with all my heart, their my favorite ban and i listen to them every single day. They've inspired me a lot in life and their music always calms me down when times are rough. They deserve everything and anything in the world. They're the Best band ever. I wish the best of luck to everyone! :)

I know that you probably aren't even reading this but in case you are - Avenged Sevenfold has affected me a lot for the past 4 years when I heard a7x song for the first time. I live every day with your music, it has inspired me to live and seize the day because any day could be my last. Please don't stop making such inspirational music because bands like you are really rare these days.
Whoever won the merch pack must be the luckiest and happiest motherfucker on the planet. :D

Are You Ready To Rock?!

AHHG, the anticipation is killing me. I've been checking all Avenged websites for the past three days and still nothing, I sure hope it's worth the wait! You guys are such an inspirational band. Well, I don't personally think of you guys as a band. I look at you guys as all brothers who love playing music for their fans :) I hope the tour went well, you guys deserve some time off. IF there's another album coming out, it'll be extremely exciting, but it won't quite be the same without Jimmy. He's watching every single one of you, and he's probably got that huge, sparkling smile on his face. He's got to be so proud to see how strong all of you are.
I listen to all 5 of your albums EVERY DAY. My boyfriend says he's going to be getting me 'Diamonds in the Rough'. I'll more than likely be super ecstatic and listen to it over and over, haha. It'd be awesome to be one of the 10 contest winners, you guys blow my mind and help me through my day. Thank you for being my second favourite band next to H.I.M :)

well said!

have a great break, we want you to come in full force on the next album :D and we all hope it will be soon ;)

lots of love from Portugal ♥

Please come to me.

& the winners are? :)

It would be amazing to win!! it sucks that they arent doing any tours soon but they deserve a relaxing break. Hopefully they will be back and giving us more amazing songs! They've inspired me so much. I love them!!

Tengo la esperanza de conocerlos algún día lml.... :D

Cant wait to see the winner of the contest! Good LUCK to all of you!! and CONGRATS on all of the winners to come!! i hope i get it. that would be pretty cool. A7X foREVer!

I hope I win :) and I'm really sad I can't see you guys in Chicago. :((
Hopefully I can see you guys one day, that would be my dream ;)

I hope u guys enjoy ur well deserved time off. An thank u guys for everything ur music has inspired me an helped me get thru sme tough times after loosing my grndpa to cancer my grndma was diagnoised w breast cancer the incurable kind. After caring for her at hme an watching her get sicker i wld exscape alone in a rm w ur music full blast bein all i cld hear comforted me in my time of need. I thnk u guys an will be waiting patiently on new avenged ablum it will be worth the wait. Enjoy ur time off boys. Avenged sevenfold forever #1

Hey guys if you like metal and metalcore check out my friends band Arrythmia and their first official music video!
Tell them what you think!

The aniticipation of winning is ALMOST EASY if your a die hard fan! Thanks for being the best truthful hardcore band in my life and visit Chicago soon to rock out :) <3 foREVer A7X

I really hope I would be really awesome. ~A7X foREVer~ ♥

Enjoy your break this summer guys :) I (and all of your fans) thank you for the 13 years of the most unique sounds and harmonies rock and metal have ever known! foREVer -Mikey Cyanyde <3

I don't mind waiting for them to announce the winners- I'm already on this website almost everyday! Hahaha....
but soon would be nice. ._.
~A7X foREVer~

how to contact the manager of the band?? em@il or Phone

where they will put the winners?

I'd like to win too, but if I won't, then I'll be happy for those who win. :)

We all are waiting.And like the others I want to win.Long Life A7X and Greetings from Bulgaria :)

i cant wait any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to win so much A7X FTW <3

Oh gosh this is really arduous to wait and hope! :D
Can't wait anymore! >:D

Avenger foREVer! \m/

I refresh the page every 5 mins :P I really want to win <3 GL!!!!!

When are they going to announce who won ????

I'm counting the days so I've chosen is a great desire to win

CANT WAIT!!!!!!! lolz good luck everyone!

Announce yet? I am so excited!

does anyone know when we'll get the letter sayin who won?