Merch Giveaway

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Merch Giveaway

We’ll be randomly sending 10 winners who have signed up for our email list an exclusive merch pack (subject to size availability). Make sure your signed up by June 29th when we announce the winners.

OMG I want this sooo much *--* hope i'll win this! Good luck for you guys. Avenged Sevenfold foREVer <3

I'm hoping for the best! and good luck to the other people too!!!!!!!!! -A7X foREVer

\m/ I REALLY wanna win this. Words cant explain how much I do. If I dont win itll be a...NIGHTMARE! A7X foREVer and REVer <3

I HOPE THEY PICK ME I REALLY WANT TO WIN but good luck to all of the others

a7x is... DA SHITT!! :P

(•_•) I'm confident i'll win this...
( •_•)>⌐■-■
(⌐■_■) cause i have sunglasses.

Hope to be lucky enough to win this guys!!!

I love you guys foREVer!!
PLEASE Come to South Korea!
We are waiting for you guys♥

i would be very greatful to receive this present. I am such a huge fana of yours! A7X foREVer!!! RIP Jimmy "the Rev"

It's not easy to believe that you're going to be a winner besides all those hundreds of thousands fans that signed up, out there.. :3
However, the wish to be a winner is still on tape, though I suppose it's an impossible dream. :3

R.I.P Jimmy (You've really left a big hole in everybody's heart!) <3

i wish i could be the winner ,. >.<

I hope I'll be the winner! :) rock on!

i've signed up in this site four times..but i never get the email for a7x's answers for questions of the fans

i've signed up in this site four times..but i never get the email for a7x's answers for questions of the fans

i've signed up four times in this site, but i never get any email about avenged sevenfold's answers for questions from the fans :(((((

I hope i get the Merch from a7x, since that fuckin promotor canceled the show on Indonesia..

im so poor. I can't even pay your articules :(

It woul be so grateful if I have the chance to receive this present.

the 29th is my birthday and it would mean so much to me if i won this. especially bc they are my favorite band in the world. foREVer

Seriously though, A7X is my favorite band. I am in love with them. It would mean a lot to win <333

I hope to win this contest. Omg I would die if I did :'D It would be the best birthday gift

Sounds awesome! Good luck everyone c:

Took me time to read all the comments, but I really love the article. It proved to be very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also engaged! I’m sure you had joy writing this article.

please come down to fl at Orlando

I'm going to be 20 (TWENTY YEARS OLD :D oh my god..) in 20th of JULY! :D
I hope i'll win !!!
Love ya guys.. ♥♥♥
A7X ~foREVer~

When can we purchase avenged sevenfold hats? I have a nice bracelet and jacket, just need a hat and for u guys to tour to atlanta so I can wear them all at the same time :)

dude! my birthday is june 30th, it would be so fuckin awesome to find out , the day before, that i was a winner! 8D

~qp~ R.I.P. The REV ~qp~ A7x foREVer!

Thanks for giving us a chance. Your music is amazing and your lyrics speak the truth. REV you're still in our hearts! RIP!

Thanks guys! At least I have a little chance ((:

Still trying to learn so far away, got half of it down!
I love you guys, yall are my favorite band and always will be!! Wish the rev was still here rocking with his amazing drum playing! A7X foREVer <3

PS, you guys r my heros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will travel wherever to see you guys!

omg i really need to see you guys in concert! im dying!! :D

omg i really need to see you guys in concert! im dying!! :D

I love you guys so much! You guys are really amazing; you've inspired me to play guitar(I love you Syn and Zacky!) and play the piano just to play your amazing songs! I also really miss Jimmy and I wish he was still rocking it out with you guys. :,) But you guys still rock and continue to amaze me! FoREVer <3

i need win *-* HAHAHAHA

This promotion is valid in Brazil?

So awesome! please apply for UK? you guys are the best foREVer

How far will these go? I reeeeeaally hope they do it anyway...including the UK! XD

Ok, I gotta ask this ): is there any that someone that isn't from US win This? I don't how it's going to be, I mean, Im not losing my opportunity to win, right? Well, If I am, ok kkk I just needed to be honest and i'm pretty sure that there's a lot of Brazilian (<3) people around here! Good luck everybody!

best wishes for U
I love you all
I hope i win!!****XXXOOO

(HL)Im the winner ;-)
you guys rock my world
I Love U XoxO

Please come to Hungary! We want you!:)

Heey I agree with ya :3 aaand from your zip code I think we live very close to each other :D


i'd like to win, not for me but for my best friend whose birthday is coming up soon

goodluck to everyone who entered. A7X foREVer

>.< I'd love to win that!

im praying for me ><

i hope i win! =)

awesome! i love u guys! son simplemente la mejor banda q existe!