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Still a week left before we hit that top spot. Let's make history!

Nightmare is now available for $12.99 @ iTunes for Deluxe Package, $9.99 @ Best Buy for Physical and $6.99 @ Shockhound for Digital.

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this album is ungodly with feeling and power, avenged sevenfold have true dedication, skill and creativity. I was listening to the album all of last night and i couldn't help but feel the emotion spewing from these songs, especially from ones like fiction and god hates us. Never has an album delivered so much power through emotion to be before. This is a certain 10/10 from me.

Hey, I'm from the UK, I pre-ordered my BON weeks ago and I still haven't received it. Does anyone know if that means I've missed out on the email with the link for the digital version?
Just wondering thanks.

So much to say, where to start...How about...
WOW. This album is massive and quite the roller coaster ride. It's some of the heaviest stuff I've heard you guys do, yet it's some of the lightest stuff I've heard as well. On that same token, it's some of the most progressive stuff I've heard from you, yet it still has a lot of commercial appeal. I think it's nothing short of phenomenal and is a lot to take in at once. It will be a pleasure listening to this over and over to absorb the magnitude of what this album represents.
That being said, you can hear the heart-felt sincerity in the recording and it truly brings out a mixture of emotions. It's dark and depressing, yet very touching and has me missing The Rev more than ever...We love you, Jimmy...
Great job as always fellas...Can’t wait to see you in Columbus.
Peace, Rock On, and all that stuff...

great album!!!!!

God Hates Us

this song is awesome!!! i'm so happy that matt is screaming again!!

i mean...the whole record is amazing but i cant stop listening to fiction..
i mean back then it's the same like i wont see you part 1..i cried listen to this song...and so i do to fiction. and i dont know why, it's just so god damn emotional and im kinda happy and sad tho to hear the rev's voice..when i first listen to the whole record i was like "whooaaa awesome" and then i listened the fiction and when the rev started singin i just cried the shit out of me...<3

It sure is nice to see the F.A.N. site back... I was so sad when it went away. Welcome back everyone!

yay jacob!!

Dude!! lol its good to see everyone back man!

i am the biggest a7x fan, so i am very dissapointed to say this:

yo.... i bought two copies of Book of Nightmares, its great but... why the FUCK did i spend $120 and still get shorted a song?

you should give everyone who shelled out $60 a download of the extra song "Lost It All" for free. no way im paying another cent for that song.... wasnt this supposed to be the "deluxe" edition guys!!! what the fuck!

wow, the comment function is back...

We bought your awesome shit, now go kick some ass on the charts!!

Hell yes! Got my Book of Nightmares twenty minutes ago and I'm beyond thrilled. Fiction and So Far Away are so amazing. I can't wait to see you guys in Columbus ^_^

Fucking retarded. I ordered my Book of Nightmares the day it was available for preorder and i haven't got it yet. Could it be cuz i live in Canada? I dunno but im pissed. Any answers?

Just got my BON yesterday, definitely an epic journey that makes you realize how quickly things can change for the worst.. Love the album and the new site, especially now that the FAN's can collaborate once again like the old days..


YOU'RE BACK!! haha another old FAN it's great to see the oldies from here


ha this is like a school reunion lmao!


the entire album is just an epic scrapbook showcasing their relationship and feelings towards jimmy ... it was very touching and i definately respect the album alot ... it had a great combination of slower and upbeat songs

<3 A7X and the rev forever :D

I love all the songs, specially So Far Away and Fiction, you guys did a great job and we're so glad, this album have a special place in my iPod.

I can't wait til my Book of Nightmares arrives. Wonder how long it'll take to get to Australia?

Totally off topic, but loved the tribute to Jimmy at the Good Charlotte gig in London last night! \m/

today, July 28th, tweet the tag #foREVer7 in tribute to Jimmy, seven monsts without him.

I just want to say, tonight you guys put on an amazing show at rockstar mayhem festival and your new album is really something special. rock on a7x, and best wishes moving forward.

Masterpiece achieved guys. I don't know where to begin, but I will say that I had goose bumps through the entire first listen. Nightmare is beyond incredible. Avenged Sevenfold foREVer.

Picked up my copy about an hour ago and I got to say ya'll made an amazing album! Can't wait to see the show in columbus ohio.

nothing really needs to be said, nightmare from start to finish creates this tangible emotional construction that completely blows you away as a listener and a fan. the context of the album sets up something that goes beyond just music, each song has a raw power that just gets under your skin in the best way possible. nightmare is so personal, so mindblowingly honest and intense it's almost a privilege to be able to hear. for me at least you guys are a band whose music you don't just hear, you see and feel it. amazing, words can't do this album justice

So Far Away was so touching. I cried through the whole thing. Brian, you sure are a great song writer. The album was amazing and I can't stop listening to it.[[:

I was supposed to go to the concert today... Turns out i can go and im so pissed i want to kill somebody!!! i wanted to see them so badly! Now my dreams crushed.. But regardless Nightmare is still Fucking awsome!!! Fantastic album! A must have! Keep it up A7X!!!

Nightmare is fucking awesome..i love the Save me track .. but with Jimmy the album and the band would be more alive!Damn we miss you Jimmy.. I am a drummer about 6 and a half years and you were my ispiration for about 3 years now ..You will be foREVer in our hearts

I already purchased the deluxe edition from iTunes, and ordered a real copy from Best Buy.

After listening to it non-stop for a day, I can honestly say it was worth the money to purchase it twice. So far "Victim" seems to have caught on with me the most.

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Just bought it from Best Buy. Friction and So Far Away made me cry :(

I absolutely love nightmare :) the songs "So Far Away" and "Fiction" made me cry when i heard them and idk i really like the darker music from a7x. Great Job guys!

Got the Nightmare album fucking awesome going to see you guys at Uproar with disturbed in September already bought my tickets can't wait to see the show A7X for life

the album is wicked. I'm really stoked about this new website though.. the old one was kinda weak and i was getting pissed. this one is much more deserving of the powerhouse that is A7X! dammit my pet rat just pissed on my arm...

The whole album kicks ass! Its been playing on repeat all day! See you guys in KC. We all miss you REV.

Nightmare is really amazing, i love it :)

After waiting for months, just got the Nightmare album, fuckin awesome, the best yet. OK, I'm 53 but still beat my son to the best music around for us both to enjoy and share together but hey, old in body only, my mind still rocks and A7X are brilliant. He's seeing them in the UK later this year, I would be but he's going with m8s and probably wouldn't want the old man around.. I feel like a piece of cod on a fishmongers slab about that ... i.e.'guttted' RIP The Rev.

Haha! you go DKsanders!!! you know good music

i got two lol...i definitely got my moneys worth.

I can't wait untill you guys can come to Las vegas. I hope you do very soon. Have fun performing at the Rockstar Upraor tour. I wish i could come see you guys in Bakersfield but we just dont have the money. but ill try to find you on T.V.

Fiction Nightmare and Buried Alive the best nightmare songs.
I love all but more that three
The rev will always in our hearts and for that reason you guys have to continue in the band because thats what rev would want.
And we hope you come to Mexico very soon

Heh this song was great! I love all your songs, and i think its absolutly impossible to pick i favorite. Thats why dont have a favorite. I Love them all.


I love ALL the songs, simply AMAZING!!!, my respect 4 you guys, this nightmare's great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....I just don't have the words to describe it!!!!!

A7X foREVer !!!

Much respect, much love, to you M. Shadows, Zacky, Syn, Johnny, and the beloved Rev. Today is my bday and I coundn't ask for a better bday present an a AWESOME Nightmare

i LOVE it!!!!!! this is such a legit CD!!!!!!!! so happy i bought it!!!!

This new album is for SURE the best after city of evil of course!!! Gotta love Welcome to the family!!

Wheres the Dublin date ? It was supposed to be here I think ? Please answer back