Avenged Sevenfold

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The stage looks WICKED! AWESOME!! A7X 4-EVER,BABY! Wit Luv

Stage looks amazing guys! Can't wait for Sept. 19th! My first A7X show!

O mike lá atrás, honrando o eterno The Rev...
vocês são D++!!

That was the best night of my life.

The stage looks really cool! i wish i could of seen it in person. Nice work A7x! U know how to make concerts worth wild. Jimmy would love to see this but this is in his honor. RIP Jimmy

WOW!! That looks awesome....
I sooooo wanna go see you guys live.
I've never see anyone live... but I want A7X to be my first. XD

Guys You were fucking AMAZING yesterday!!!!!!! I've got Syn's Pick and you guys were fucking AMAZING, can't wait to see you next time!
I love you guys and your music is just the best!!!

no chingen cabrones
cuando vienen a mexico
no somo los culeros del concierto de metallica
si tienen bastante banda en mi pais
espero verlos en 2011 sale

Matt is handsomeee ' WOW ' ♥