Kortney Ehrhart - Lafayette

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Johnny você é um lindo , eu amo você <3

I Love Me Some Johnny Fucking Christ! <3

Way to be a handsome bassist Johnny, for reals! Not only does he have skill, he's styling too.

Johnny #CHRIST . ♥

Fucking hair!!! You have a big style!!! Sei un grande!!!

why R U so sexyyy????????? ♥♥♥

You sing very well and play the bass brilliant! Such a big talent! And your hairstyle rocks! So cool! :)

Oh my god!!! I LOVE HIM!!!! He is very hot! Yeah Johnny!:)

Niiver do Johnny tá chegandoo ' êrêrê ;z

Finally I found the secret behind this website. It took a little while to get started but luckily I am here to say that this photography rock!!

Great haircut and overall style
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Johnny , happy birthdayy ' <3'

Man, you're fuck! The best A7X bassist that could have! Thanks a lot!

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,Syn Gates=I ain't gonna say anything about about him 'cause he's just undescribable e-ticaret Zacky V=epicness,Johnny Christ=the greatest bassist,The REV

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Lafayette is home to nightclubs that feature Cajun music and zydeco music and dances. Many of the nightclubs are located in downtown Lafayette area as are art centers and museums, such as the Acadia Center for the Arts and Cite Des Arts. In addition, visitors will find sports bars, dance halls and live music events and clubs. Thanks.
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so sexy...

Another awesome band member of A7X! Johnny Christ! You're awesome. This is such a great pic. He really gets into the music, but a lot of the band members do. Plus, they always have so much fun and they're so funny. Love you all! <3

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I love his music but don't like his hairstyle.
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