Kortney Ehrhart - Lafayette

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u look all bad i wanna c u guys in concert
but u never come this way

u look all bad i wanna c u guys in concert
but u never come this way

you beautiful man!!!
see you at download 2011 :)

My boy, my friend, my father [kk ...] I love Matt''My manner for the purposes]]
Vall my mother''

i love the band<3 it makes me feel better, listening to youre music,i listin to all of youre songs and not a single 1 is bad to me im teaching electrick guitar, a7x is my inspiration for it ^^ see you guys on grasspop

I love ur voice man ..


sexii ass

Damn Matt's voice live is sick! I mean when I saw the guys live I saw just how much Matt can belt and he is one heck of a vocalist.

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was there!!!:) LUV u Matt and everyone else:)

youre so beautiful ! i love u !

My Matt, I LOVE YOU ' ♥

Matt, I wish you Happy Birthday :)
have a nice day.
love you <3

Happy birthday matt!!!!!! i wish the best for you because you're worth it dude >.<
i love you so much <3<3

Happy Birthday M . Shadows !!
Avenged SevenFold foREVer !

aaw, I'm so happy for u,
now you're getting old, hahah just kiddin'!
Synyster is older than you,
naah, you guys are still young,
have a great fucking day man,
cause you are fucking worth it!
Love to you and to avenged sevenfold,
foREVer! <3

Happy Birthday Matt! Portugal Loves You!!!!!! Come back again soon! :D

One of the best male voice ever! Thank you Matt Shadows

Best M.Shadows photo EVER!

volim teeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

I've found out a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
And the reason is you (8'

Excuse me sir, but you're gorgeous♥

What a lovely picture! You're really handsome man! I like you sooo much. And your voice... arghhhhh... very big talent! My dream is to see Avenged Sevenfold live and thats why I'm beggin you to come in Greece! <3

Hahahaha great laugh from Matt is so cool

I really love you Matt.


meeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuu perfeiitoooooooooooo '

Kortney Ehrhart is one of my favorite singers. Really cool guy and he sings absolutely brilliant

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Maaaaaaaaaaaatt , não tem cabimento o tanto de ti que cabe em mim ' <3 ' - my perfect *

I know you may think: who am I or who cares about my opinion... But its important to me say you are the best band I heard in all my life! Thank you for sharing with us your music, your creation, your dream! Im so glad to have you to listen! I really love you guys! I went your show in SP and RJ / Brazil and I know you expected more from us, but do not use as example some people who never heard you with their heart! Im in NY now but I hope some day go for a pocket show in California! I hope some day meet you in the streets too! Soo good write to you! Soo good listen you! Thanks for all!!! Fabiola Domingues Tomaz

Matt, you have a beautiful voice! All of you are so amazingly talented. I was supposed to see you in Green Bay in December, but had a CPR and first aid class for school that night. I would have loved to have been there! I would love a chance to sing with you Matt :)

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My band and I palyed this at school in assembly and e-ticaret everyones jaws dropped when i started playing the solo

your band is fine and its force to all to be a fan of it ,good blog thanks for your sharing.
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Damned!! Just so Fuck'n HOT!!! Can't Wait to see you guys LIVE!! Excited Mode ON!!

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Im so gladsome to score you to center! I real compassion you guys! I went your convey in SP and RJ / Brasil Mother Day Wishes and I see you anticipated author from us, but do not use as representative several people who never heard you with their intuition! Im in NY now but I expectation few day go for a sac show in California! Birthday Messages I trust many day meet you in the streets too.

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