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forever in my heart :') <3

u made me want to be a better drummer we're going to miss u jimmy

ever .

Fiction is my angel<33 :')


foREVer ♥


We miss you Jimmy. And we'll always love, wherever you are. You were certainlly the best drummer of the world. No one can be better than you.

We love you forever. ♥

R.I.P Jimmy

Forever in our hearts!




\m/ rocking in the Afterlife foREVer

fuck it sucks that he died.
we'll miss u foREVer

what I admire <3

ai ai, foREVer em nossos corações...
te amo demais Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

f o R E V e r !! I LOVE YOU

foREVer ..!!!!

Never the same

you'll always be in our hearts!!! we love u, best drummer in the world<3 foREVer ROCK IN PEACE!!

foREVer :x


foREVer in my heart !! we love u JIMMY !!

Amazing drummer. Noone can ever replace you jimmy :') <3

the best friend we all would have wanted

foREVer in my heart!!!

A7X foREVer \,,/

u 're always in my heart foREVer

Miss uJimmy

hard to believe its nearly 3 years since you left us. hope your afterlife is all you would want. miss you always

The Rev alway's in my HEART 4ever`~ \m/

foREVer ...