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love the cover art.

amazing! you should be on the german metal hammer!




is this out in england, i need it now!

Love the cover, keep up the Fantasic work!
Avenged Sevenfold (A7x) FoReVeR! <3

Way to be epicly awesome guys!



all the guys look great. i love the vengeance shirt Zacky has on!

This image will never be the best picture without attendance The Rev,But I Will Always Support You Guys..

Check please , please , please ...
-Tumblr for M.Shadows:

You'll like, and for you. I lovee youu ♥

OMG look at syn! he is so fucking hot!

RAWEERRRR SEXYYYYֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱֱ!!!!!!!!!!

Come to Braziil again ' Pleaseeee '
Come to Braziil again ' Pleaseeee '
Come to Braziil again ' Pleaseeee '
Come to Braziil again ' Pleaseeee '
Come to Braziil again ' Pleaseeee '
Come to Braziil again ' Pleaseeee '
Come to Braziil again ' Pleaseeee '

Come to Braziil again ' Pleaseeee '

what year was this?????

Love this picture! Syn is hot!

Very nice cover art, but what is with Zacky's stache.... ha


i love you matt shadows , johanny christ , syn gates & zacky alot :)

heheheheh , very perfect's <333 '

hehe, I bought this magazine, just to reed the article about sevenfold!
and it was worth it!

COME TO GREECE! <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

who ever does dis matt shadows, synyster gates, zacky vengence, johnny christ, or the rev I WILL drive to their house and kick the shit into him

Mikey Deathwish

Nice picture (;

I Like it

i love it i have it and PLEASE COME BACK TO MEXICO

guys... ure fucking awesome... i <3 u!!!!


The picture is very beautiful, they are all exstraordinarily fantastic... but someone is missing...
We miss you THE REV...I know, or at least I think, that you are not really dead, until you memory wll live you'll remain here foREVer in the hearts of your fans, family and friends....
R.I.P. The Rev:) your biggest fan It'slikefiction:)

love the rev

gett it

plz a7x come to sweden anytime XD
R.I.P james owen sullivan You will always be with me wherever I go foREVer

i neeed a7x <3 ' \o/


you need come to brazil again!!! PLEASEE

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees !come to Braziil agaiin .

where " the Rev ",??

Fuckin' awesome!!

please come to Indonesia !!

awsome !!

come to San Diego! again PLEASE

Come to Mississippi......Us southern Belles know how to rock more then those northern peeps.... Please Come down to Jackson or Pearl somewhere close to mississippi is fine.....Me and my friends (hannah kinley, clayton kinley, caleb kinle,y charlee kinley, josh bass, haley crutchfeild, nikki mcpeek, robert kinley[a military soldier and faught for our freedom in 2005 in iraq] , sean mayo, abbigail tranksford, ryan pichoff, shanea parker) we all love avenged sevenfold more then metallica, acdc, guns and roses, five finger death punch, skillet, my chemical romance, attila, kerli, rob zombie, ramstein, 3 doors down, hollywood undead, three days grace, and other heavy metal bands.... we adore u... me and my friend (hannah kinley) will try and show these f****ing preps here that us outcast know how to rock....

PLEASE COME!!! WE'LL DO ANY THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are my idol.... i someday hope to meet you guys and just hang.... maybe,....

SOOO..... Lets show them preps and jocks that the emo scene depress people know how to rock more then anyone else in the world :))) btw m.shadows syn. gates zacky v. and johnny christ is sooooooo F***ING AWSOME...... yalll out did your self and now everyone loves u...THATS A GOOD THING....P.S. me and my friend is doing this from the school hacking system!

YALL NEED TO COME TO THE SOUTH PLEASE MY BROTHER AND I WILL DO ANYTHING LITTARLY ANYTHING.... btw my brother looks just like u in a WHOLE WAY.... im beeing dead serouis he does if u dont believe me then add him on facebook Clayton Kinley..... give us free tickets and backstage passes because Robert Kinley faught for our freedom and saving our soldiers in iraq.... still dont believe me then go to Fort Carson Colorado and look up Robert Kinley he was well know for his fast movement.. and smart thoughts his platoon 2nd platoon... ITS NOT FAIR THAT YALL GIVE NAVY AND AIRFORCE FREE TICKETS GIVE THE ARMY THEY NEED IT MORE THEN ANYONE....

and if this will help any my uncle trever ws on a navy ship for 5 years ...... he was well known in the following states:
1. south carolina
2. new york
3. tennese
he was on a navy base for 3 years after the navy ship, so technically he served for 8 years.... and my dad Robert Kinley fought in iraqe..... so techinicly... i have 2 family members that saved our sorry asses from death!

I just wanted to say that it was AMAZING to see you live in concert i went to the Jacksonville Buried Alive Tour. I had a blast ya`ll were AMAZING. Ya`ll are bout the ONLY band i have EVER been emotionally attached to keep up the GREAT work ya`ll are AMAZING -mysti

...... Well my dream wont come true... he makes a beast out of himself and it takes away the pain of being a man.... my dream is to see yall in concert.. but no yall dont come to the south at all only alabama and when u do come my friends and people have work or school..... PLEASE COME TO THE SOUTH PLEASE JUST ONCE AND MY DREAM AND ALL THE SOUTHERN BELLES DREAMS WILL COME TRUE