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hey guys....come in italy! i can't come i america :( u r too distant!!!!
i'm waiting for u :D never stop rocking!!
i love u guys foREVer

IM GOING!!! see you guys in Tenneeseeeeeeeeeee! :3 god i can't wait to see you guys again... :D you guys are my family.


it's cold picture

hey guys why not come to mexico
I can not go to the USA but it would be great to come

Please come to venezuela
we want you here! <3
would my dream come true u.u <3
Love You Guys! <3

Come to Vancouver BC, Canada!!!

Guys we want you in GREECE!!!
A7X foREVer!

im going to see you guys in lowell for the 2nd time in my life! (at that arena, but its gonna be my third time seeing you, the other time was in wallingford CT) :D

can't wait to see you in Baltimore MD on jan 23

We are waiting you to come to Bulgaria :) It's gonna be a great show :) We love you :) <3

This great image¡¡¡ =D
please come and take a tour in America¡¡¡¡¡
come to the city of Mexico
PLe∂se¡¡¡¡ Ple∂se¡¡¡

Queria muito ver voces no brasil..
das primeiras vezes eu não tive a oportunidade de vê-los, pois sou muito muito nova, mais uma dia poderei!

Hey Guys Come To California :D

I lovi..A7X
Is my life...
Rock in rio-2011
A7X, my life

My band and I completely love Avenged Sevenfold, from Sounding the Seventh Trumpet to the new Welcome to the Family EP. We love their music, and take a great influence from them. We idolize them as people. So, we covered their song Gunslinger at one of our shows. We are freshman in high school, and it would be awesome for anybody who knows the guys from a7x or even maybe one of the members themselves to watch this and give us feedback! WE love you guys, keep doing what youre doing! Link:

Queria muito que vocês voltassem no Brasil gostei muito de poder ver vocês no SWU e queria ver dinovo =D


Man i wish i could go to every friggin concert i wish i could of met you guys :/ these guys were my very first concert i eve went to in my life and i loved every second of it!

We want you in Montreal guys. Your last concert here was amazing, I cant wait to see you again :D

You should really come to Fresno CA. A lot of people love you here!!!!

A7x u guys saved me! I was really depressed and hating life. I listened to one of ur albums on my frends iPod one day and totally forgot about everything going on in my life and just got lost in the music. Thank u A7x and keep on rocking!! ;D

hey guys ...
we need you in Portugal, because you are our band, our family would not have as much fun listening to music if you did not exist.
please come ....
we need your music ...

Hey guys, we here in Brazil need your music , please come here make this tour D: ok, I know i can't go to the concerts because my age, but a lot of people here loves you guys, please please <3 'when you guys came here I could not go because I'm too young D: haha' but I believe that someday i will see one of your concerts (:

Com certeza! Eu fui no SWU ano passado! Fui o melhor show que eu ja fui na vida!!!
E estou aguardando vocês este ano novamente!! no Tour Nightmare!!

Do you ever just have the need to do something? like an urge?
Well that's what I have about going to see them!
But I live in England, Please come to England!
You guys are Pure Awesome Talent!

i looooooved the show you put on in texas dude omg it was the best show ever i love you guys all of you are talented and i love those pics you pkay for the troops. I really appreciate you guys you all are perfect and so understanding and come back to texas please i need to see you guys again!

-.- Come on... pleaseeee come to Costa Rica, the forgotten land... No one comes here.. :( not fair.. how else am I going to watch u guys live?? :'( btw... Stone Sour with freaking A7X?? u have to be kidding me.. :'( those are my 2 favourite bands ever...

Awesome! I wish i could go see u guys for my first time that would be a dream come true dont give up! I need you! the world needs you!


Hey i was at the show in Lowell Tsongas Center. I was Crowd surfing during a little piece of heaven. I wanted to let you guys know you guys FUCKING rocked. I miss the rev so much. I sadly never go to see him play i saw ur second show after the passing. in Comcast center. Well i love you guys and rock on!

p.s. my last name is sullivan and my first and middle name is M shadows........

Hey!! a7x please come to Rome or a the the sonsphere festival in bologna , haven't seen you since i flew to brighton (great show!!). There are a lot of fans waiting for you , you wouldent be dissapointed !!, thanks . a7x you fucking rule!!!!!!

You guys fuckin rocked in Cinci! It was my first A7X show and my expectations were far! You did an amazing job remembering Jimmy! I'm proud to be a A7X fan! Keep up the killer work boys! We love you!

I was at the Evansville show on the 30th it was amazing like nothing like this world, would do anything to see you guys again.

Wish I could have seen you guys when you came to Huntington, WV on Jan. 25th! It would have been the BEST concert of my life!!! But it sucks because I had no way there. :'( But hopefully you guys will come back thru really soon and this time I WILL BE THERE!!!! You're fan from WV, XxNymphetaminexX

Brutal Picture. Avenged Sevenfold is The Best!! I would LOVE to see you guys in Portugal. I didn't had the chance in the last time you came. I just hope that day will come soon. From a crazy fan from Portugal.
♥♥♥ Jimmy The Rev Sullivan is foREVer in our hearts ♥♥♥

how do i post blogs and photos and nice pic

Um dia gostava que viessem a Portugal. Adorava vê los ao vivo, mas por agora ainda sou um pouco nova para poder ir ao concerto (lol =}). Gostava imenso. Vieram cá em 2008, mas nessa altura ainda não os conhecia (confesso...=),e também não poderia ir vê los. Mas talvez daqui a 2 anos adorava vê los cá...
I like Avenged Sevenfold foREVer
Always in my heart

Avenged Sevenfold is the greatest band on the earth!!! are a fucking GOD!!!

i love u so much a7x ...
jimmy i'll miss u

the rev will live forever in our hart

the rev will live forever in our hart

jimmy are the best fuckin drummer in the world

One of the best shows I've been to in a VERY LONG TIME! I went to the Lexington, KY and Cincinnati, OH shows back to back nights! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to catch this show! Can't wait for Uproar Festival in Indy next month!


a7x veiiia , ♥


i am going to see you guys in Lowell for the 2nd time in my life! (at that arena, but its gonna be my third time eyesight you, the other time was in walling ford CT)
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