Nightmare Cover Art

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Best album so far!!

best album? hell yes!!!

does anyone have a wallpapers size of this ? :/

Look closely at the person in the picture.... is that the rev?

damn A7X, Another Perfect album!!! Amazing!! Especially Fiction,
R.I.P. Jimmy!!! foREVer!!! <3
And Syn's So Far Away one of the most beautiful Tributes ever.
The REV is PROUD! Keep em coming guys!

This album is EPIC!!!
Can't stop listening!!!
This guys are SO AWESOME!!!

!!!A7X foREVer!!!

Hell yeah its the best!!!!

I can't listen all of the album, so I'm just listening to nightmare... I hate France ><
Please, come!

Avenged Sevenfold should come to Newfoundland, Canada!!
There are soo many fans here that will never get a chance to see you guys!!
Also, Nightmare is the BEST album you guys have made yet!

@Martin J.
I do.
But it's cropped because of its aspect ratio.
It mainly looks the top image on this website but with "foREVer" still there.

What screen resoloution do you use and I'll see if I can work something out.

Hell yeah!!!
This album is amazing and the Rev has a fantastic tribute, for sure!!!
And please, please, please!! come to Mexico, we love you here!!!

I love this album. Its the coolest sickest album u guys hav made. I love u guys and i kno that Jimmy is really proud of u. Keep it up! And come back to Tampa, FL and play for us. I plan on coming to c u guys live real soon and hopefully meet u!
Love u A7x

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Best album!They are the best!
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Hell yeah!!!
This album is amazing and the Rev has a fantastic tribute, for sure!!!
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I like photo and it assome

I like the photo because It got the asome songs and I come
home and listen to the nightmare and my co worker listen to it too.

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its wonderful album.....huge fans here...
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Yup I have to agree with you. It has the same style as it used to be but right now the quality has increased dramatically and that is one of the main things that makes is special

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endlich mal wieder GUTE MUSIK ♥
A7X rock on .

Austria Loves u ; )

endlich mal wieder GUTE MUSIK ♥
A7X rock on .

Austria Loves u ; )

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best album yet. keep it up guys.

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