The Rev

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foREVer in our hearts. R.I.P. Jim. <3

Fucking Legend. That's all that needs be said.

thebest drummer that has ever walked this earth and when i get to heaven maybe he'll play me a drum solo :) you will be missed

Rest In Peace <3 We Love And Miss You Very Much!
May your drum beats be the beats to our hearts! <3

What a guy :) What a drummer :) What a songwriter :)
although i heard he wasnt too good at handstands and once knocked a bag a shopping out of a poor guys hand while atempting one...ahh i love jimmy stories :')

THE best drummer that's ever lived. There isn't, and there never will be, a better drummer than Jimmy. R.I.P, foREVer <3

Not the best.... the only one!!!!

Rev was the only one in teh world, my firt inspiration for drums (for real) and i cried when i realize that never gonna meet or see playing T_T

No matter what he did, song writing, singing, playing piano or drums, he was the Best! |m|
There never was and never will be one like him... No one could ever possibly fill his shoes...
We all miss you Jimmy, foREVer in our memory and in our hearts, see you in heaven...


ur my hero R.I.P The Rev
you'll always be the best T_T

This man is foREVer in my heart. He will always be my hero, in life and death. I will always remember him as the awesomest drummer ever. I miss you, Jimmy. Avenged Sevenfold is and always will be my favorite band ever. Rock In Peace Jimmy... :(

R.I.P. Rev! I'm so glad I got to see him in action at Ozzfest in 2006. It helped, knowing I'd seen the band live before he left us. His death helped me realize I wasn't invincible... I've worn a Deathbat necklace ever since, and I've been motivated and losing weight, making myself healthier and happier thanks to Jimmy.

Seize the day.

I'm so sad I couldn't saw him in action in Portugal!!!
This guy is so AMAZING...he is "The One"!!!

You will be foREVer in our hearts Jimmy!!!

!!!A7X foREVer!!!

GENIUS ................

The Rev não morreu...pois lendas não morrem...

The Rev is, was, and foREVer will be the BEST damn drummer to ever live. He is my idol and I love him. IT'S NOT THUNDER WE HEAR: IT'S THE REV PLAYING HIS DRUMS!!

I miss you Rev you will always remain in my heart and memory. this world will never get another drummer as amazing as you. I hate I never got to meet you in person, maybe in heaven I'll meet you. We'll miss how funny you were "oh shit grapes in the bucket".
You'll never be forgotten. You'll always be loved.
R.I.P REV <3

A legend..what can we say..miss you so much!!
It's empty and cold without you here :'(

The Rev is Awesome!!!! He Never Dies!!!

Dear Avenged Sevenfold,
how the hell did The Rev be so great? because hes just fantastic!!! I did have a bet that he had an extra foot for his little double bass solo in Blinded in chains, damn man he died a little too soon rock on, everyone for that matter WOOT WOOT!!!!!

The melhor baterista !
uma pessoa maravilhosa , que mesmo não conheçendo pessoalmente , era só olhar nos seus olhos , por tras da sua bateria . aqueles olhos que brilhava ao ver os fãns .

The best drummer!
a wonderful person, who does not know personally, it was just look in your eyes, behind your battery. those eyes that shone upon seeing the fans.

All I know playing drums, is yours Jimmy. You watched me grow, and you are my best drum teacher... Your songs will remain on the world for eternity, the same as you. I never met you in person, no even had a chance for seeing you live, but with all this time that I've been listening and watching you, it's just like if I knew you... you will always be my purpose. RIP Jimmy Sullivan, forever in our hearts. We love you guy

Wow, he is the definition of Amazing. I love you with all my heart Rev R.I.P A7X foREVer <3

Fucking amazing!! FoREVer in our hearts, u will never be forgotten!! R.I.P Rev

Love U forever!!
U always in Our heart

RestInPeace Jimmy "THE REV" Sullivan, forever in our hearts. Avenged Sevenfold ILY 4ever.

the rev was great... he was the best. and he cared 4 everyone. rest in peace jimmy... u rest in hearts foREVer...

I saw him play once, and it kickass the drums pounded in your heart and they wont be the same by another person Love you man <3

u will be in our hearts foREVer rev!! i love you! i hope 2 c u in heaven 1 day! ROCK ON! R.I.P REV

the best drummer of world has gonne. i miss you Jimmy "The Rev". THE LEGEND!

This World Lost An Amazing Man,
He was a Legend,
no man (in my opinion) can surpass his talents
He Will Be sorely missed, but never. . . EVER
Rest In Peace,
Jimmy " The Reverend Tholomew Plague" Sullivan.
You Will be Loved FoREVer

He was such a funny, Talented, And gorgeus man !
rip james owen sullivan
Such an inspiriation
Always in our Hearts


no one could ever replace you jimmy! forever in our hearts! :(

R.I.P The Rev

u'll be always my inspiration...

Forever in our hearts <3

u will never be forgotten...

R.I.P REV!!!!!!! you were one fucking amazing drummer!!!!! and you are sure as hell are one of the biggest influence in the world!!!!!! A7x Is the best band EVER!!!!!!<3

It sucks that we fans r still torn up about Jimmy as bad as we r..after 8 months. I can't imagine how the guys feel..he was truely a genius musician though. We love/miss Jimmy! and we love A7X!

Just think about the millions and millions of ur fans...we r out here rooting for you guys! and fucking love the music you have given us!!

I cried 1000 times for you and I made your tattoo on my arm and I never , never forget you "The Best Drummer in whole of music history"
You always be in my Heart Jimmy

this man is a f'ing lengend and will be in my heart foREVer

this guy is the only one who is good enough to be part of A7X!! I cried when i found out he died :'( foREVer in my heart buddy!!!


jimmy "the rev" sullivan.

i miss his voice T-T
Love you,miss you foREVer...... T-T

FoREVer. (:

or better... P.I.P: Play In Paradise! ^^
whatever... for me was a shock when i read he was death... 2 mounth later! 0.0 i've read this 2 mounth later he's death... :( the best drummer... R.I.P.! :'(

The best drummer in the world! All A7X fan love Jimmy!

The Reverend Tholomew Plague may be gone, but he shall be remembered forever and always as a God. R.I.P. Jimmy, we'll miss you.

the best drummer in the world:(....R.I.P Jimmy Sullivan!!!

The best drummer in the world ...
Rock In Peace, Jimmy !