Rockstar Mayhem Festival. Comcast Center. Mansfield, MA. 07/27/10

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This is without a doubt amazing.

Syn Gates=my idol.

Synyster Gates Rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn, how does he get his hair that awesome <_<
I tried, but failed.

Syn, you're epic. Keep it up.

just amazing!
I try to play like him but have just a 21 guitar and I need a 24 to play like him!
love the way he does it!

:D Man I wish I can go up stage and steal a kiss of Syn.
Hahaha great pic!

Syn você é o melhor :)

gotta be afterlife solo :) that's my fucking idle HELL YEA

Don't even know what to say bout Syn, just registered on the website and now that I've come to comment, don't even know what I can say!!

Come to NZ guys ill miss EVERYTHING i have while you guys are around just so I could have a weeny chance of hanging around you for as long as I can. Come to NZ!! The only time you guys came I had heard only one album and I had exams too, regret it forever that I could never see the Rev in action. I forced myself to never have a favorite music artist cos there's always someone better or worse.. until I listened to you guys, started playing your songs and started following you online. Now I know what it means to have a fucking FAVORITE. Thank you for teaching me that.

Im going to be posting that above paragraph everywhere I can till I grab your attention. Hope you don't mind.

Guitar God.

Brian Elwin Haner Jr - Synyster Gates - Deus da Guitarra (Guitar God)

Concordo contigo mermão

Synyster Gates is fucking awesome. So wish that the band will come to NZ, missed them last time round, am going to see them at soundwave as well tho. :)

this is one of the pictures i love the most!

Synyster Gates know's how to pimp it out

Synyster Gates you are soooo cool

walking on air! i love synyster gates so much! im blessed to even have the same birthday as him. he is just awesome and so much more!

I love Synyster Gates! I'd give up any guy for him! He is so bloody amazing.

:'D aww :')

toca muitooo \o' Amo muitoo Synyster !

This pic is just amazing!!

Synyster Gates is amazing.
Im going to see them in Glasgow Cant Wait..
I wish i could meet him someday ...
Love You Syn

Syn has to be one of the best guitarist of all time. I am honestly amazed at how he makes the music all come together perfectly with his solos, I wish that I had that talent. Cant wait to see you guys perform in Grand Island Nebraska, Thank you, it is so awesome that you are coming here to Nebraska to perform!!! YOU GUYS FN ROCK

Everything about this pic is Amazing, I mean Everything!

Dreamy.the hair is hot.

theeeeeeeeee best guiitaaaaaaar ' \o/

..... *facepalm* r u trying to be a ballerina on stage or u trying to be michael jackson????? o.O