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This song is amazing! I cried the first time listening to it.
R.I.P. Jimmy<33

Don´t Forget This is the Masterpiece From The Rev, Because he wrote the lyrics for this Song, and he Singed in it.
Such an Incredible Song, I love it, it´s from my Favorites, The First
Keep Up The Good Work!!

R.I.P. Jimmy ¨ The Rev ¨ Sullivan
Jimmy foREVer in our Hearts!! :´(

Don´t Forget This is the Masterpiece From The Rev, Because he wrote the lyrics for this Song, and he Singed in it.
Such an Incredible Song, I love it, it´s from my Favorites, The First
Keep Up The Good Work!!

R.I.P. Jimmy ¨ The Rev ¨ Sullivan
Jimmy foREVer in our Hearts!! :´(

Adoro d+ !!!!
essa música mora no meu coração até eu morrer !!!
S2 !!!!!

My mom passed away the day before this album came out. Fiction is so beautiful and expresses so many of the emotions I have about her passing. Thank you to Avenged Sevenfold for helping me through a difficult time in my life.

Jimmy, you always be in our memories, we love you.
This song , let's me afraid, and let's me happy. i know, Jimmy's find your Little Piece of Heaven !

i cried. the first time i heard the song i was crying when jimmy starting to sing. its touching my heart. i couldnt handle my tears to not falling down and wondering and thinking bout jimmy, and the band.

i know you are enjoying your little piece of heaven there.
i LOVE you jimmy. as always and foREVer


as soon as i heard this song and heard jimmys voice i actually cried.......i cant stop listening to it its beautiful and the lyrics mean so much....thank u guys for including that song on the album....its by far the best song....
Jimmy "The Rev " Sullivan 1981-2009
he will remain in our hearts foREVer
x x x x x x x x x

beautiful song i love it. It feels very good hearing Jimmy's voice.
Jimmy R.I.P forever
see this video please is so beautiful
it made me cry :'(
R.I.P Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

ohh jimmy :( it's makes me cry when i listen this beatiful song.. :(

This song still makes me cry when i hear The Rev's vocals rise from the ashs of the beautiful controlled chaos of the opening piano. When Rev did the verse in the end i fucking lost it, i was in the fetal position bawling, that was when the full impact of losing him really hit me.

Get chills every time. Awesome song. I send many hugs to you guys. You did a great job making this song and album come out the way you did.

Who are the another singer? The Rev? (sorry to mistakes, i don't speak english very well)

R.I.P THE REV this song almost made me cry I just became a A7X fan and they already made an impact. Every single day I listen to them but I mainly listen for the drums heart goes out to A7X and Jimmy's family this is a tragic lose to the world I LOVE Y'ALL

We all love you Jimmy!!!! "I hope you've found your own way"! :'(

Absolutely AMAZING! I cried when I heard Jimmy's voice. Words may be a little slurred, but it speaks to you and you can understand fully.

We love and miss you, Jimmy!

i agree you should make a music video for this song <3

Jimmy.... thks for this beautiful Song!
Always u will be in my heart! with your music you live forever!
And we never Forget u ! I love u .... afterlife !

i LOVE when Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan sings in this song♥ :')

This song is a complete work of art... and it is probably one of my all time favorites out of all of their songs on all of their CDs... R.I.P. Jimmy!! foREVer...

this song is amazing and very powerful made me cry first time i listened to it plz play this song next time your in Edmonton

R.I.P Jimmy

Fantastic song, very tasteful. Made me cry on the first listen, very powerful.

Thanks for writing such a beautiful song and R.I.P Jimmy.

p.s. Fans add me =)


PLEASE PLAY THIS SONG AT SOUNDWAVE NEXT YEAR!!!! attention will be grabbed by those who arent A7X fans (those who dont love A7X SUCK!!!)...this song is one that will never die!!!!!

This song is epic beyond words. foREVer

You should create a music video for this song and throughout the video should be clips of the best times with Jimmy... it will most likely be the most watched music video for Avenged Sevenfold

i love the beginning when the rev and Matt sing together

i'm cry when i listen this song...
i like very much....

does anybody know the story or the meaning of This Song?

Unbelievable song! I've been reading about your story in Revolver magazine and it is really inspiring to learn how you went about producing the album in a way that remembered Jimmy. I was a huge fan of yours before but this experience has only drawn me closer. I want to thank the band, and especially Jimmy Sullivan, for producing such powerful and memorable masterpieces.

Keep rocking though! Keep the members AND the name! I'm sure if Jimmy could have a say in the matter, he wouldn't have wanted his passing to mean the end of AVENGED SEVENFOLD.

god, this song made me cry when i first heard it.this song is fucking beautiful, man.

r.i.p jimmy "the rev" sullivan you are missed. your presence is felt in this album

Men plz come to Colombia all in Bogota love u music plz come here i love u music and all but without Jimmy is not the same but plz come here

Yeah! I want this song on my funeral! :D I love it! ♥♥♥

Let it BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything stated below pretty much sums this one up!!! Amazingly Fucking Beautiful!!!!!!!!!

O god wat to say? well I LOVE Zacky. hes hawt and im totally into this song. its great. it makes me cry when i listen to this song sometimes. R.I.P. Rev, are hearts are eternally yours.

Matt you're a great singer. Jimmy you're awesome. Best song I ever heard. Jimmy god rest your soul.

This is a sick song. But its sad how jimmy sang this song before he died. :(

Amaziing song ! Really made me cry :[. Ugh, I love you Jimmy Sullivan <3 Gunna see you guys August ! Yayy :D

This made me cry. It's incredible. He really was genious...I can't wait to see you guys in October. This album is phenominal. x

I'm ... IN LOVE with this song. I dont know what to say, it's just AMAZING, I cant tell what I feel.

I did almost start crying, what a beautiful song!

~ Amazing *-*

Fiction, Jimmy had a tattoo on his chest .

A7X ♥

This song is the best song on the CD. I love avenged sevenfold, but the music will never be the same without the rev's singing. I love his voice.

Jimmy, your voice is so amazing in this, playing it 24/7!!

This song is so brilliant i cant listen to it without crying The Rev, you are so amazing and talented and i am so proud to say that i appreciated his talent and intelligence when he was with us RIP #foREVer

Just because its not a hardcore metal track doesn't mean it isn't good. The piano work is breathtaking and the beauty of The Rev's voice is amazing it wasn't supposed to be hard it was supposed to be eerie gloomy and sad but loving its Jimmy best work and you'd think a cousin of M. Shadows would see that.