God Hates Us

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i wonder when you guys want to come Malaysia...
btw this song are fucking amazing.i <3 it XD

i wonder when you guys want to come Malaysia...
btw this song are fucing amazing.i <3 it XD

Me too... :X

Some people can have brain damage if they mistook "What the fuck" with "Waking the fallen"
Im one of the affected.

I'm huge fan of Old school A7X, STST and WTF are my fav albums ^^...God Hates Us is just pure magic, it's like a STST song with Syn playing in it haha...RIP the rev and A7X, STST and WTF are my Fav albums, but All your albums are fucking brilliant...A7X foREVer !!!!

We Love you , ,when come to indonesia , ,we is waiting you

We Love you, , when to come in indonesia

, , ,

We Love you, , when to come in indonesia

, , ,

the fucking drums on this song are badass

It wasn't one of my favorites too...
I guess there's some kind of paradox between "God Hates Us" and "Dear God", I didn't get it...

This wasn't my favorite song on the album but you know.... it's one that I think is just... I don't know

Hope they play this live!!! Another song that if you listen to it while lifting, I swear you'll knock out a few extra reps ya didn't know ya had!!!

Amazing song :-)

SethSanders, why are you telling Avenged how they should write any future songs?!

It sounds like YOU don't know much about guitar. It also sounds like you don't know much about English either.

I can play both riffs, and they're practically identical. Please, if you don't know anything, save yourself your comments.

ouch.... man... this is the greatest song.......

Stockholm's Syndrome's riff is good too, but is diferent...a lot.
it seems that you dosent know too much about guitar


Song Is Hands Down The Best Song For Old School A7X Fans!
Its mean and angry and insane with the melodic intro to the the brutal riffs. M.Shadows kicks ass on the vocals, cannot get much btter than that. God Hates Us will forever be one of my top songs for A7X

@Martin J: That is absolutely wrong.

Sounding the Seventh Trumpet: A living nightmare...
Waking The Fallen: Nightmare full of pain
Most Recently: Total Nightmare

Also, you guys shouldn't have stolen Stockholm's Syndrome's riff. That is bad.

This is my favourite song on this album!!

Wasn't expecting this from you guys. Verrry impressed.
My favorite band is The Black Dahlia Murder, and I usually don't have taste for anything other than melodic death metal. Good job, Guys. Next time, Get a bit more technical with the guitars. Throw some harmonic minor scales in there, Scare the hell out of people. Wicked sound.

awsome song lush solo dramatic intro hey that sounds like an amazing song ggod hates us what a song one of the heaviest on the album im love ing the nightmare

A very satisfying song to say the least

Definitely one of my favorite songs on the album, fucking heavy as hell!

Style of waking the fallen + skills of nightmare + felling of you = God Hates Us :)

bad as heck

My favorite song on Nightmare! Loved it.

The dramatic guitar intro is just setting us up for what's coming, and that's the heaviest song you guys have ever made. I love NIGHTMARE!!!