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This is a kickass song cuz it just rocks and they just are the best band in the world keep rockin and A7X you guys know that Jimmy is rockin with you guys still but hes in a better place and he will be lissed but will live in our heart foREVer.

A7x is defiantly the best band ever! It is such a tragedy what happened to the Rev. Although i have never met Jimmy it still kills me to even think about how Avenged felt/feels. Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan you will be missed. your music will live on foREVer

I may have to agree with you there mate!
The Guitar solo and just punch of the song throughout blows me away. :')

This song is the best ever. Keep rockin'.

Essa musica é mt foda!!

Shadows ♥


I always thought that "Nightmare" was about Jimmy, but it turns out that it may be "dedicated" to him, but it isn't about him. Nightmare was actually supposed to pertain to hell and people paying the price. Basically, this song (I think) is bashing on other religions except for Christianity. But, in this song Jimmy plays the drums. Mike Portnoy sounds nothing like Jimmy, you can tell a difference.


When Nightmare first came out on youtube,......I raped that button like there was no tomorrow. But it ties for the best song ever. the others are all the songs they recorded and some from other bands. Fiction would have to be the best, sad song ever. Jimmy/James will and is missed. I wish i could have met him, to tell him how awsome he is, and to tell him im training to be like him, one of the greatest drummers alive. R.I.P. Jimmy. GOT CAROLINA REBELLION TICKETS LIKE 3 WEEKS AGO. PLEASE TELL ME THERES A MAIN STAGE. AND THAT AVENGED IS HEADLINING!!

When i heard this album that is when i fell in love with A7X. Haven't looked back since. And looking forward to them coming to ATLANTA. ITS GOING TO BE KICK ASS.

From Sounding The Seventh Trumpet all the way up to Nightmare the drumming is still fikin INTENSE!!!! A7X foREVer!!!!

I really love this song and I really like Matt's performance in SWU Brazil. You can watch that on

i fuckin love this song is the best love the vid to you should come to Farmington

highly scary to other people, dark, AWESOME SONG

great fuckin song love the guitar solo and coolest lyrics iv eva heard.

fuckin' beast song :')

my 6month old son loves this fuckin song...he watches the video he coo's an caw's at it, bounces up and down and screams and smiles...never done it before till he watched it with me...guess lovin this fuckin band runs in the family...

Caraleo A7X é a melhor banda que ja ouvi!. amo muito eles!


best song ive ever heard good vocals and beat listen to it everyday

OMG LOVE THIS SONG IT IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A7X please come to Paraguay please please please :)

I agree with you on that one!!! XP

essa música é muito foda !!!
avenged sevenfold é a melhor banda do MUNDOO !!!
s2 !!!!

Awesome song.
This album is great. I can listen to it over and over and it still won't get old. ;)

pow e mesmo

muiito fodaaa mesmo essa !!!

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda emotional though!! R.I.P. REV!!

when this album came out, i couldn't believe it, you guys juss keep getting better & better. i hope you guys come out with a new album soon. i can't wait to hear more.

your the best band ever! :]

Love it. Nuff said. =D xxx

this is a absolutely brilliant song it maxis out all the other songs and albums they have done <3


A brilliant song, but 'natural born killer' is better.

It is a good song, could be better. The chorus is a bit cheesy, but besides that an amazing song.

It is a good song, could be better. The chorus is a bit cheesy, but besides that an amazing song.

well apart from getting annoyed of the retards that cant spell for s**t on the comments, this song is too epic for words to describe. keep it up. cant wait to see you all in birmingham UK!!!!

just 1000% Awesome!!!!

holy shit this song is the best song besides i wont see you tonight part 1 and afterlife!!! but now this song has blown me away and i want wait to by the album :( i cant right now cuz i hav no money :( but as soon as i do this well finally be in my hands :D I LOVE AVENGED SEVENFOLD 4EVA R.I.P THE REV

While Your Nightmare Comes TO life!!!!

BEST FUCKING SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This song is great, I remember the 30 second trailer on youtube, i couldnt wait until the full song was released.

I dont think A7X can top this song. Best in the world.

this song is amazing!
me and my friend listen to it at school during our many spares.
the video is just legit i have to say.

I like .... God job man ...

Love this song <3

When i first heard this song it was mind blownin! its so dark and twisted, definitely one of my top 3 songs you should listen to

I remember the night when I heard this song the first time... I was visiting my grandparents. I was listening to radio with my headphones on and then I started to listen one of the songs that was playing. "Why it sounds so... Familiar..?" When I realized I was S****ing rainbows, it was Nightmare and I couldn't go to sleep until I heard it again from another radio channel.

What an amazing song, everything has gone right in it. One of my absolute favorites.

when i hear this song i knew the album would be
W O N D E R F U L ♥

hai avenged i'm from indonesia !!! when are you come to indonesia ????
I want you came !!!! i love you AVENGED SEVENFOLD love me for you all