Save Me

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Epic as all Fucking Hell!!!!! Lyrically and guitar wise it has a Queen feel to it. Love this one wickedly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Trapped in a Vile World".... love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

i love this song



Perfect song to end the perfect album, loved the drums at the end !!!! FUCK YEAH

I was blown away by the intro, but the rest of the song just wasn't consistent.

Instead of driving all of the song with power chords, you should have made the other instruments louder. I blame production.

Now this one I truly loved!!! One of the best A7X songs, for real, amazing!

This is the only song on this album I feel is upto "Sevenfold" quality. I'm hurtin' for another "City Of Evil" but I guess that'll never happen. Good stuff guys. My favorite.

My favorite song on the album... tied with Fiction. It has such an epic feeling and truly encompasses Avenged Sevenfold as they are.

To me, this is a culmination of everything Avenged Sevenfold has done over the years, it touches little bit of every album in one song, This and Fiction, my new favourite Avenged Sevenfold Songs :D

You were bored ? :D ... it's good :P