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Sat, 2011-02-05
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A7X, Thank you for coming to Detroit! I can't wait till your show!

YES! Thank you A7X for coming to Detroit! Can't wait to see your show!

Is this still scheduled for the Palace? Ticket Master shows Lord of the dance at the Palace on that date

The Palace has another event there on Feb. 05. Stone Sour site says venue TBD. Can't wait for this show!!!!

It should become available Dec 3rd on the TicketMaster site

Great-A7X is coming to the Palace in Detroit on the 2-5-10! How come the event is not accessible through ticketmaster or the Palace? This venue shows nothing for the night of the 5th! Don't tickets go on sale this Friday?

Is there a live nation pre-slae code for the show in Detroit so I can buy early tomorrow?

Go my tickets this morning...I will see you there....

NIGHTMARE is the ticketmaster presale code :)

U should put pics on for my fone

My firstt concert with you guys:) sooo excited. im going to shit my pants, no joke. I can't beleive I discovered you guys.. you really changed my life. I'm actually tearing up as im wriitng this! Lol:) Can't wait to see you guys--you have no idea how true those words are. I can't wait to finally meet my heros.

so disapointed, my parents wont let me go to detroit cuz we live in Canada and the long drive is too much through the blizzards that will most likely come. Oh well, i guess ill have to wait till u come to Canada. Cant wait till that day and its really great to see you guys getting through these tough times. Keep on goin, ur only gunna get better.

My teenager and her cousin had tickets to the Moline, IL show; they were so damn excited to go! We had a white-out/snow emergency here-the worst storm in 30 years!! THIS show was not cancelled or postponed-but nice to see that the WI show is postponed!! We live 35 miles away and tried to make it despite the weather; we made it ONE mile before we fish-tailed and almost went in the ditch. We could not see ANYTHING!! So needless to say, they could not get to the concert. My husband also gave a ride to 3 people who were stuck in the ditch after driving 5 hours to get here-visibility in this area was ZERO! So I guess the band just doesn't give a damn about their fans or entertaining them-just the money, which they already have from all these unused tickets. I am curious to know how many tickets were sold compared to how many tickets were actually used! And now that the blizzard is over, the NEXT show is postponed a day-why? Because the band can't travel in these shitty conditions?? But they expected their fans to travel in MUCH WORSE!! In my opinion, you guys SUCK!!

I also was one of your fans traveling to Moline, IL, along with my 16 year old brother and a friend who were so excited to see you guys. We are from the city of aurora and had to travel over 160 miles to see you guys perform. After continously calling and checking up on the status of the concert we found out it was NOT going to be postponed or canceled. We had been to the uproar festival and one of our party members had been kicked out for "moshing" during your first song and we missed the rest of that show, so rather than dissapoint my younger brother for a second time we decided to try and get there, as stupid as that sounds. The beginning of the trip was fine but as we got closer to the end of I-88 the conditions were just impossible for us to drive through and after seeing so many cars in ditches and stranded people, we realized we werent going to make it and after succesfully getting our car unstuck twice on the road, we even helped a cop get loose from being stuck we had no choice but to pull off at a gas station in hillsdale, IL. ONLY 25 miles away from the i wireless center were we spent the night with countless stranded motorists and also some of your fans. And after all of course we were denied a refund and now i come on here to find out you postponed your next show because of the weather(kind of a slap in the face). So what gives? I agree with angrymom if you cant even make it to your next show because of the weather how did you expect your fans going to Moline to be able to get there in the middle of a BLIZZARD, i understand it was a choice to go but at the same time by having the concert you endangered many of your "fans" wellbeing. I really hope i get a response or you guys do something to correct the issue. Im not even sure if you guys even read these or just have some middle man take care of the comments for you. But i would like to hear back. I unlike angrymom still am a fan and i think you guys are an awesome band, and i would like to hope that you guys will do something for us diehard fans that risked a lot to try and see you guys. Thanks and sorry for the essay. Fernando

First of all, I know you guys care very deeply about your fans and it upsets me that some people get on here saying stupid shit about you not caring and no one can control the weather. We drove 358 miles from dyersburg, tn to knoxville, tn in poor conditions but we took precautions and drove safely and made it with no problem. We are big fans of Avenged Sevenfold and knew there might be a possibility of cancellation but we took it upon ourselves to still make the 6 hour journey to see you guys because you're great and I'd do it again. Weather changes all the time and no one is at fault for the traveling conditions. I know you guys care a whole lot about your fans and I would love to meet you one day, hopefully soon. I would love some backstage passes ;) But in the meantime, we will see you at Edgefest VII, and to the angry mother who was downing the band, you should be more understanding of the conditioning of the weather and know that it is not the band's fault.

I am very disappointed also! you this band made it to Moline before the storm! Did you not know it was coming? it was on the news! You put alot of lives at stake for what a profit? human lives are not an option! At least Buckcherry even had the BALLS to cancel due to the weather and not risk peoples lives, the tickets I bought were a Christmas present for a grandkid and even though I had insurance on them they would not honor it cuz we did not try to go> I live in a rural area that got freezing rain sleet and snow Monday and to top it off Blizzard with 20 inches of snow ! HOW the hell you gonna fix this mess Cuz I am telling you there is alot of upset people! Please have the BALLS to respond at least to my post!

im so excited for this concert its my very first concert ever and you guys are my all time fav band, i tried winning tickets to meet you but fail epically but still excited for the show

I am so agreeing with this comment. I had a step-daughter come down from Hampton, IA on Monday because her sister had bought her tickets for christams - this was to be her first concert! She was pumped. There was 10 going all together and after much attempting to trying to pursuade these "kids" not to get out in the weather to travel an hour to a concert was not worth it - but they tried - went about 5 miles turned around. As much as they hated to admit it "we" were correct. This BLIZZARD whiteout/freezing sleet/snow was not adviseable to drive on 74 from Galesburg. I too would like to know how many actually attended and how many were already in the cities before the concert took place. I even called Iwireless and the lady who answered the phone said it was the BANDS decision - SORRY BUT A BAD ONE AT THAT! We should all DEMAND a REFUND of somesort...merchandise...80% refund of tickets...I realize mother nature but I also realize YOU COULD HAVE CANCELLED! So do I blame the weather NO I BLAME YOU! And then you cancell the next tour stop - hello we had more snow here than they did there and the wind had stopped too. IDIOTS! Were the Wisconsin fans worth more than here or was it because as you posted "had tickets left to be purchased!" I am sorry but I am sure you lost some fans after you bad judgement call. CANCEL OR POSTPONE NEXT TIME!

Oh my gosh. I cannot wait until the concert tonight. I do not even care about the snow I would drive a lot further than the hour I am tonight. The last time I drove to a different state, and a four hour trip. Fifth time to see you guys....


hey. i'm really upset. i'm in toledo, ohio. we're under a level 2 snow emergency and likely to go to a level 3. that means no on but cops, emt's and plows can be on the roads. nobody can get out of toledo or any of the outlining areas in northwest ohio. my mom won't let me or my friend's go. we've been waiting for months to see you. i doubt more than a few hundred people will actually make it to the palace in one piece. there are several accidents on the highways heading to detroit. i'm willing to go, but my mom and my friend's parents won't let us. i know you don't have a concert tomorrow and everyone in ohio and michigan is probably gonna appreciate it if you reschedule it. i don't know how anyone would be able to even get to the palace. please please please reschedule. i'll be severely dissapointed if you continue with the concert tonight. many people are at home crying right now because they can't go. i hope you have enough judgement to postpone it. if not, you're really letting down alot of people who payed to see your show. don't dissapoint guys!!!

if you actually gave two shits about your fans, you wouldn't risk their lives like this. it's disgusting that you would hold a concert in this kind of weather. i'm confused as to why you would cancel wisconsin but continue with the moline, illinois and detroit shows. you have lost dozens of fans due to this. let me tell you something, my darkest days canceled a show in the midwest as well as buckcherry. it's ridiculous that you would do this to your fans. i was going to see you at rock on the range, but now i might not come until after your set is finished. this is dissapointing

Hey guys, I love you all so much, and how can I go about getting some autographs. I am coming to see you in april but don't know if anybody is gonna be able to get any then. You're like my favorite band ever and it would mean so much to me to get your autographs. I even have A7x tatted on my wrist. If you can help me, please email me at Your biggest fans, Christy and Bree

That was my first A7X concert, and let me just say, It was awesome. Well worth the drive up from Sault Ste. Marie. I have never felt so much energy from a band or fans. It left me speechless. Thanks for an amazing time A7X and fans. I will NEVER forget it.

COME TO DETROIT SOON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't able to go to the show and i need to get my A7X on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

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