Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hell Yeah!!!
A7X LIVE in Malaysia !!!!
Awesome and can't wait.

finally malaysia!!! any chance a fan will be chosen to play on stage?

This is an Epic moment in Malaysia's music history. We get metal like once in 10 years, I can't even remember any metal band live in Malaysia for the past 10 years (Of course, I don't consider Slash and Muse). Definitely will see me head banging in the front row!!

I cant understand as yet dont return to ARGENTINA, the best crowd IN THIS FCKN WORLD!

hey guys, please come to PANAMÁ here you have a lot of fans that can make crazy thing to go to your concert ! my english is not totally great but im rigth here to tell you how much i love you guys and i need you in my country ! :3 <3

XOXO : PaolaS.

Are you guys playing on the 23rd and the 24th at the orion festival?? or only on one night??

Let it burn \m/\m/

it will be great if you can perform in egypt...you said you love to play at far and middle east right?..so sad can't be in malaysia for your tour..:( do rock my country..bat country..

I really, really, really, hope my dad allows me to go!!!!!
He thinks I'm sort of underaged but im 14 T_T

true that :D

stadium negara or sunway lagoon?

It's gonna be epic . any chance that we can take a picture with synyster gates and m. shadows =D!!


Greetings from El Salvador... We really hope you guys can visit us here, we really love your music and it would be great to have you guys live...

i love you guys so much i wish avenged sevenfold would come to AZ again!

i already buy the ticket ! ! ^-^

Can't wait for the concert@Sunway Lagoon, Surf Beach ~

@Sunway Lagoon, surf Beach

door open 7:00 pm
concert start 8:30 pm

it happen on my birthday!!! thanx a7x!!!

can a7x have a visit at kuching,sarawak. Many fans waiting. ^_^

haha,another 24 days to go . its my fucking nightmare !!! HAHA seriously can't wait

Vengan a Chile los culiaos :$ los amamos <3

You guys are beyond awesome and so unreal! I really wish that you could come to Kenya! It may seem unbelievable that you have fans here, but you do! I don't think there's ANY place on earth that wouldn't have a fan-base for A7X!

Aw damn ! You guys are going back to my home, KL ! I'll be stuck her in WA. Had to go to Singapore to watch you guys in 2008, can't wait for you guys to get to Seattle or Spokane ! Much love.

Another 4 days to go ! A7X live in Kuala Lumpur ! hellyeah ! #A7X

Don´t ever back down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day you should come to Cuba, because u have lot of fans here, i love u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forever.

Does anyone have photos from the concert in Japan??????

when will you come in France??? i hope to see you soon. I love you and your music. keep it up guys!!!

The chance of you guys reading this is slim to none, but could you please come around the area of New Brunswick, Canada? You guys are my whole heart and soul, but I'm never able to travel to places like Toronto. You guys are my life, it even got to a point where when my friends asked me what would happen if you guys ever broke up, I started crying. My one wish is to see you guys in concert, and even meet you, please please PLEASE come around New Brunswick, or even Nova Scotia ♥? I love you, Avenged. c':


Dear a7x....
Thank u so much for the long awaited awesomeness of a show u guys gave us in Malaysia... the highlight of our LIVES! if u guys EVER happen to swing by M'sia AGAIN.... by all means... ♪♫WELCOME TO MALAYSIIIIIAAAAAA!!!!~ Deathbat Troop foREVer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much, for giving me the bestest concert in my whole 19years of existence. I love you guys so much. This is the first time Malaysia actually allowed metal bands to perform, fully. I love you guys, thank you, thank you so much. God bless you XOXO

Adriana Roslan
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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True...It going to be awesome!!

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Since you guys are gonna be in Atlantic City, NJ in June why not stop by in either Camden,
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A7X Live in Malaysia 2012 is really awesome......I really enjoy the show that night.....we sing a song So Far Away together..love you Jimmy The Rev....it is the best moment in my life....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!.........Avenged Sevenfold.........!!!!!

A7X live in Malaysia really rock it out !!! love ya A7XXXXXXXXX