Lubbock, TX

Tue, 2011-05-17

A7x live 5/17 Lubbock, TX at the Lonestar Amphitheatre.

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Well, Thisis too far for me :( sadly i dnt have a ride! no one will take me or even would want to take me!! BUT if you come to Dallas Tx! im sure i would go!! now there i can be in a heartbeat! PLZ consider Dallas Tx!! you guys came on Sept of 2010 i knw but i couldnt make it!! D': Please Avenged Sevenfold come!! it does really mean the world to me!... One Show, One Night can changed my entire Life!! i knw it! :D i ask bcuz i love you and knw that you might consider the idea of coming! Plz do!! and come! :)
Love Now and foREVer!
rock on! \m/\m/
<3 ---r.i.p Jimmy (The Rev) Sullivan!--- <3! :'( missing you! LoVe!

Been waiting a very long and I mean Lonnnnggg time to see you guys. Every time you guys came to Lubbock i couldn't not go. Now that you guys are coming back, I AM NOT PASSING THIS TIME UP! I will fine away to see you guys. I am one of the biggest A7X fans here in Odessa (3 hours away from Lubbock) and it's going to mean the world to me, to finely get to see you guys live.

I have family in Lubbock, but A7X should come to Phoenix, Metal...

You guys have been my favorite band since i was in 4th grade (7 years ago) and it would me the world to me if you could check out my bands link on youtube and let me know what you think this is our first show we have had many since then but we only have videos up right now from this one (im the guitarist and i worship syn)

Ill be there yeaaa buddy :D

When can i get my tix for the LUBBOCK TX show????

See you guys in May, LORD willing!!! Super stoked, just bought my pre-sale tix!!! XOXOXO

Im Sooo There!!! Winning The Video Footage Contest For The Lubbock Area Was Super Exciting! (4-10-09), Ive Accomplished Much, Seeing A7X Was a Big Goal Of Mine For Awhile, Was Never Able To See Them When They Came To Lubbock, Finally Did Recently On There Last Trip Here, I Feel Blessed and Honored To Have Witness The Brilliance Of THE REV For The Last Time Here In Lubbock!!! RIP REV! Wish I Knew How I Could Meet The Guys, Wishing They Had Meet n Greets To Buy!!!!!

Cant wait to see yall live tonight... this is gonna be an awesome concert