Sao Paolo, Brazil

Mon, 2010-10-11


Hey, When they come for Argentine?

cara!!!!!!!!!!!! nem acredito a7x no Brasil!!!!!!!!
to dentro com certeza!!!

Ja comprei o ingresso.. pista vip premium é nozes!!!!!

Sao Paolo?? é São Paulo!! haha

Pois é !!! Depois do falso boato, acabou virando verdade !! hahaha

Tô lá sem dúvidas !!!

A7x !!

ae quanto ta o ingresso e como vcs ja compraram?

ooooh shit! This place is so far for me! ....

you guys need to come to new mexico you have tons of fans here !!!! we need you here desperately you guys are going to texas colorado and arizona so stop here pleeeeaseeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please consider !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:(:( When you guys are in Vancouver, I'll be in Calgary, and when you're in Calgary, I'll be in Vancouver. I'm so bummed I can't see my favourite band in concert. I demand you come back!!

pena que moro em porto alegre...

espero que venham para porto...

eles vem com o portnoy???

Eu gostaria de saber quando a banda virá para o RIO DE JANEIRO??
A banda é foda!!!!!!

We are waiting the band here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!!

Yeahhhh...Avenged Sevenfold in Brazil...Yeahh I love you guys ♥


heyyyy what about PERU? or something closer to us!!!
love you foREVer

heyyyy what about PERU? ore something closer to us!!!
love you foREVerthis
is not spamm!! T_T

heyyyy what about PERU? ore something closer to us!!!
love you foREVerthis
is not spamm!! T_T

nemn to acreditando .. a7x no BRASIL OMG *-----------*
to vendo se minha mãe vai comigo... BORAA *--*

I want to see M. Shadows *-* I love this guy ♥

Please, I'm begging u, come to chile. we'll be waiting 4 u <3

finalmente eles vem pro brasil aeee

seria melhor se viessem para pernambuco!

finally they come to Brazil Yeaaah!

would be better if they came to Pernambuco!


I Just can't Wait to be there!!


ARGENTINA???..??? :( :( :( :( :(

Hey guys, what's up? I don't know if you use to read these coments, but i'm writing to ask for one song when you play here in Itu on 10/11/2010, M.I.A., this is a very special song to me and i'd really appreciate if you guys could perform it! On your last show here in brasil in 2008 i was there, and must say that it was freakin' awesome!

Stay safe, see you guys in a while!

Hi guys, I want to see you next year in Brazil ..on tour...Good Luck on all show ...I love you ♥

I want to see A7X in Philadelphia (or Camden NJ)......must see you will be AWESOME.....come to Philly and make your fans SCREAM!!!!!

when i saw that you were goin' to play in sao pablo i almost fell off of my chair,, i'm from Argentina 'n i can only pray to have a chance to go brazil, guys the show is three days before my birthday, i beggin' you to come please to argentina, it would be so fucking great. you had a show in chile, now in brasil, come please to argentina guys, it would make me the happiest dude of the world, 'n i can assure you that tons of people here loves you too. congratulations for the fucking great and brave job you did with nightmare, hope i see you

Avenged aki em São Paulo!!!
demorou, to lá.....longinho (Itú) mas todo esforço vale p ver o talento dessa galera.....
r.i.p. The Rev

oh, thats fucking amazing. plz come to argentina. we love you guys. the rev will be forever in our hearts.

You guys should seriously hook up with the USO and do a show in Afghanistan for the troops there. I'm headed to Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, with several hundred other people and I was just thinking it would be a great way to bring something of home to a place so far away from everything we know. You guys are the best. R.I.P The Rev

-A1C Shanks, USAF

I'm going too!! kisses from Brazil! XOXO

Please play M.I.A and So Far Away *-*
I'm gonna be there, screaming my lungs out for you guys!
Hope you enjoy your brazilian fans x)
Good luck and stay safe
See ya at 10/11

HEY how come that you play in Brazil and not in Argentina??? WTF?!


I am very happy in knowing that the band will go to touch in festival SWU in São Paulo, but I would be happyer if they touched in Rock In Rio 4, that he will be here in Rio De Janeiro in September of 2011. We love u !!!

Caralho mano, foda que sou de Belém/PA :/
E respondendo a menina lá de cima, o a7x volta em 2011 eu acho.
tô quase chorando aqui pq não vou no SWU ver o a7x ://
E não terá graça sem o REVEREND! mas, mesmo assim, queria ir ;(


Avenged to Argentina!!!
On october 9 have u said? hahaha come onnnnnnnn !!

YEEEAHHH!!!!! ARGENTINA PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A7X come to Chile please!!!! (:

Pleasssseeeeeee A7X come to chile soon...

COME TO LISBON PLEASE ! Portugal is waiting for yoooou!!

yeah got my tickets for soundwave Sydney 2011, cant wait

Com certeza vo ta la!!!
eu pensando q era so boato...

OMG, A7x in Brazil? Can't wait!!!
Best band in the world!!!!

ticket purchased !!! That time goes fast!
A7X no Brasil , boraaa galeraaa \0/

I already got the tickets <3 Can't wait to see them!
I'll do my best to go to the backstage session, who knows, huh?
Let me dream :P Hahah

Avenged Sevenfold! u guys gotta come to Dubai! Believe it or not, u have tons of fans here! Fans who keep checking tour dates hoping one day u choose Dubai xP
I love u A7X :D

A7X no Brasil....é nois mesmo....


A7X no Brasil huhuhuhuhuhuhu qro irrr