Hysteria Mag's Life Is But A Dream... Review: An Abundance Of Magic Lying In Wait Alongside Unyielding Exploration Into Meaning, Purpose And The Human Experience.

Hysteria Mag have shared their review of Avenged Sevenfold's "Life Is But A Dream..." giving it a 9 out of 10.

"Ultimately, Life Is But A Dream… will no doubt confront or confound many long-time or earlier fans of the harder-hitting Avenged Sevenfold sound. But for others who are able to approach this complex and rigorously structured piece of art, there is an abundance of magic lying in wait alongside an unyielding exploration into meaning, purpose and the human experience.

Taking the thematics of the cosmos and morality found on The Stage and manifesting them into actual sonic and instrumental reflections on Life Is But A Dream…, paired with inspiration from French philosopher Albert Camus, it’s largely exhilarating to see a band after all this time throw expectations and caution to the wind and truly embody and proudly flaunt the moniker of “ambitious”. An album entirely timeless and existing outside any key genre-sphere or definition, Life Is But A Dream… probes beyond the idyllic nursery rhyme it borrows its namesake from and dares you to journey beyond time and space – but still with enough of metal and brawn to ease your voyage."