Immersive Concert "Looking Inside" Available Now.

Our immersive concert, "Looking Inside" is available now to download in the AmazeVR app. 

The concert is a one time purchase and you keep it forever, Not unlike live shows, blu-rays, or music videos, this is its own experience. We are extremely proud of how it came out. For those who own a headset, we hope you enjoy. 

"This is simply a new experience. One of which we have never seen like this before. The show is actually LIVE and is really us. We are NOT digital avatars. We went into a studio in-between tours and actually shot the show. When you go to a live show you go with friends, get close to the stage and enjoy the production. 

With this concert, you will be 20x closer and actually be INSIDE the production. It's almost like a concert inside a video game with a Broadway production. It is SURREAL. We worked very hard on the visuals with amazing director Lance Drake and the full AmazeVR team.

This MUST be seen in VR. Any YouTube rips just simply can't do the technology justice.

We do believe that as time goes on this concert will age very well and we are at the beginning of a shift in entertainment. This concert will live on forever and when the time is right it will be waiting for you."

- M