Jaxxon Podcast with M. Shadows

M. Shadows was a guest on Jaxxon Podcast and talked about how Avenged Sevenfold started, The Rev recording 'Sounding The Seventh Trumpet' in one take, how their process of writing an album has changed over their careers, what 'genre' he would place Life Is But A Dream... in, when Amazon released the song 'Nightmare' early, the Travis Scott Astroworld situation, the artist(s) that he's always gravitated towards the most, what song's he's currently listening to, the cycle of artists creating hits and then getting to a point in their careers where they can do what they want to instead, how touring has changed for artists, his opinion on aliens, 'Bat Contry' being a mainstream turning point for the band, which Avenged Sevenfold song means the most to him, his thoughts on web3 and Deathbats Club, working with Ticketmaster to allow fans the best tickets at the best prices through web3, rethinking everyting about songwriting, how the live show will dig deeply into exisenstial dread, and more.