M. Shadows was a guest on Overpriced JPEGS with Carly Reilly and talked about his vision for how the blockchain can change the music industry, pushing the Spotify’s and labels of the world to jump to a tokenized royalty system and how the consumer could potentially be rewarded, what Deathbats Club is, how they approached and rolled out the project, why doing this model on the blockchain is superior to doing it on a service like Patreon, NFT ticketing, his personal journey in the space, investing in Polychain, music investing in the future with the potential of buying into ownership of an upcoming band, how masters vs publishing rights work and how being on the blockchain could be beneficial, fighting to get Avenged Sevenfold’s masters back, why masters are so important to record labels, which path new artists should take at the beginning of their careers, and more. You can listen on Spotify and Apple Music or watch below.