M. Shadows was a guest on the One Life One Chance podcast with Toby Morse and talked about where the nickname “M. Shadows” came from, why Avenged Sevenfold were fascinated by blockchain technology, what they’re doing with their NFT project Deathbats Club, decentralized streaming services on the blockchain, Deathbats Club, the beginning of Avenged Sevenfold, his first band Successful Failure, Avenged Sevenfold’s sound evolving throughout their career, his new vocal coach Seth Riggs, the vocal issues he ran into a few years ago and the importance of taking care of his voice on tour, how he was tame compared to the rest of the band when it came to partying, the DMT experience he took part in and how it helped him let go of his ego, moving on from Arin, welcoming Brooks to the band, supporting Iron Maiden in Europe and Guns N Roses in Mexico, the op-ed he wrote in support of Black Lives Matter and why it was important for him to do it through a metal publication, why empathy is important, being an optimist and a realist, the one thing he thinks that makes him think life could be different if happened differently, the only regular job he’s had, not forcing themselves to release music, being a basketball family, and more. Find a link to your listening platform of choice here.