Overpriced JPEGS with M. Shadows

M. Shadows was a guest on Overpriced JPEGS and talked about working with Ticketmaster to token-gate ticket sales for Deathbats Club and TicketPass, why it's important for other artists to take advantage of token-gated ticket sales through Ticketmaster, how dynamic pricing actually works, how using web3 allowed them to catch a scalper and deny the tickets they requested, wanting to reward fans that listen to them, why everything they're doing with Deathbats Club and TicketPass is about making the fan experience better and making the music industry better, the ARG they planned for the "Nobody" single release and album announcement, being the only legacy NFT collection able to block marketplaces, Avenged Sevenfold's decision to go independent after this album being up in the air, and more.