Avenged Sevenfold Launches 'Season Pass' Fan Rewards Program.

Today we are proud to announce the launch of the long awaited "Season Pass." Listen. Experience. Own.
Here's how to join.

This has been an absolute labor of love as we try to navigate the "Wild West" of the music industry. There are many ways that you have interacted with us over the last 25 years. Some examples would be wearing the merchandise, collecting vinyl, streaming our albums, going to our concerts and participating in events. Until now there has never been an easy way to reward you all for your participation with the band. Corporate networks have been built as walled gardens off the work of artists but rarely share any information with them. We know people are listening, but who? This program allows you to opt-in at your comfort level and allows us to reward you for participating. Things like merch discounts, collectibles, early access, music, tickets, and meet and greets will all be rewards and redeemable.

Let's break it down:

Listen: When you buy vinyl, cassettes or cd's from A7XWorld.com you will be rewarded with points by redeeming the NFT attached to the Berify NFC sticker or tag. Streaming - You will be able to opt-in to track the amount of times you stream Avenged Sevenfold and be given points on the amount of plays. NOTE: Streaming feature available in the next few months.

Experience: Concerts, events and merchandise will all have points attached. Ticketmaster has teamed with us to drop digital ticket stubs to all attendees. All merchandise on the road and many items in the store are all tagged and scannable to redeem your points. Even Hot Topic is now carrying NFC tagged Avenged Sevenfold shirts in store. We will also be holding IRL events and digital events to reward the community.

This is the most important part. Everything you earn is actually yours. If you earn a Meet & Greet or Tickets and you can't use them then you can sell them on the open market. The community dictates the value of these items. We are leaving it up to you.

Deathbats Club:
We have not forgotten about you. As long as your DBC is in your opted-in wallet, you will receive a 1.5x multiplier on all items in your wallet.

This is absolutely free. All you must do is download a digital wallet such as MetaMask or Coinbase NFT. We have a full breakdown of everything including how to join the program here.

There are some simple steps noted below that you must follow when transferring Berify and Ticketmaster tokens to your wallet. Make sure you are caught up before transfering anything. All old Berify Merch will be backfilled next week so there is nothing to do now. The reason we did this is because the tour starts in a week and we wanted to get those items on the correct contract going forward.

Anyone who opts in this weekend will receive 1000 free points. If you have the old Ticketpass NFT you will be given another 1000 points.

We are so excited about this but remember, this is in BETA. Things will move and change as we figure out what works and what doesn't. This pass will be open for 1 year. After that we will start a new season with new rewards. Go check it out!

It's been a wild week. Much love to you all.

Avenged Sevenfold


  • Your points are non-transferable and will automatically drop into whatever wallet you scan your merch tokens into so it's VERY IMPORTANT that you save those tokens into the wallet you opt-in to Season Pass with.
  • Rewards like Shopify won't be able to be used until mid-month.
  • Deathbats Club will still give you a 1.5% multiplier so please make sure your Deathbats Club token is in the wallet you opt-in to Season Pass with.
  • Ticketmaster contracts and TicketPass have all been backfilled. If we missed any tokens they'll get backfilled ASAP.
  • If you have any un-scanned merch, please wait to redeem your tokens until the new contract is spliced in early next week.
  • Old merch tokens will get airdropped into the original wallet they were saved in early next week on the new contract:
    - If you originally saved your merch tokens straight into your MetaMask or Coinbase NFT wallet then the day that the new contract is spliced in a new token will get airdropped into that wallet and you’ll receive the points for your item(s).
    - If you originally saved your merch tokens into the Berify wallet then once you receive the new tokens you'll have to move those into the wallet you opted into Season Pass with, and we will have a form for you to fill with your wallet address and a list of the merch items you scanned. Because of the manual verification nature of this process, this may take some time. 



  • Tier 1 - Glitch Reaper Collectible (Wes Lang reaper art in a glitchy frame. Strange.)
  • Tier 2 - TicketPass Redeemable (This allows you to buy Avenged Sevenfold concert tickets a day before the general public. It will protect you from bots, dynamic pricing, and scalpers. Highly recommended for pit tickets. This tier applies only to shows sold through Ticketmaster.)
  • Tier 3 - We Love You "Life Simulator" Collectible (Video game from the future as seen in the "We Love You" VR experience.)
  • Tier 4 - MetaBrooks Collectible (Brooks Wackerman hologram from the Life Is But A Dream... Tour.)
  • Tier 5 - Deathbat Mixxed Collectible (The light is on but is anyone home?)


  • Tier 6 - Horseman Route 66 Collectible (Wes Lang horseman on a billboard. Must be an advertisement for something.)
  • Tier 7 - MetaChrist Collectible (Johnny Christ hologram from the Life Is But A Dream... Tour.)
  • Tier 8 - 15% Merch Discount Redeemable (Get 15% off at A7X World up to $1000.)
  • Tier 9 - Plastic Daisies Collectible (From the "Mattel" music video. Can you smell them?)
  • Tier 10 - Victom Demo Music (Demo tape of "Victim" from the album "Nightmare" with The Rev on the drums.)


  • Tier 11 - MetaShadows Collectible (M. Shadows hologram from the Life Is But A Dream... Tour.)
  • Tier 12 - Nobody Ether Rock Collectible (Everything has a price. Where is your barcode?)
  • Tier 13 - Songs to Set Us Free Collectible (Wes Lang graffiti at night. Scary.)
  • Tier 14 - MetaVengeance Collectible (Zacky Vengeance hologram from the Life Is But A Dream... Tour.)
  • Tier 15 - Save Me Early Demo Music (Early demo from the writing process of "Save Me" for the album "Nightmare" with The Rev on drums.)


  • Tier 16 - 4th Dimension Collectible (Time... how much do you have left?)
  • Tier 17 - 30% Merch Discount Redeemable (Get 30% off at A7X World up to $1000.)
  • Tier 18 - Life Is But A Dream... Ready Up Collectible (Insert Coin. Press Start.)
  • Tier 19 - MetaGates Collectible (Synyster Gates hologram from the Life Is But A Dream... Tour.)
  • Tier 20 - MPA Never Before Heard Music (Zacky Vengeance's punk band from high school)


  • Tier 21 - 50% Merch Discount (Get 50% off at A7X World up to $1000.)
  • Tier 22 - MetaSevenfold Collectible (Avenged Sevenfold hologram from the Life Is But A Dream... Tour.)
  • Tier 23 - Successful Failure "Streets" Music (M. Shadows' punk band from high school. This is the original version of "Streets" which went on to be recorded by Avenged Sevenfold and appeared on the album "Sounding The Seventh Trumpet.")
  • Tier 24 - 2 Free Tickets Redeemable (2 free tickets to any Avenged Sevenfold headlining show.)
  • Tier 25 - Meet & Greet Redeemable (Guaranteed access to any Avenged Sevenfold meet & greet.)