Season Pass

What is Season Pass?

Our free season pass loyalty program is aimed at helping and rewarding you, the fan. By opting in, you can collect points and earn rewards that includes merch discounts, free tickets, meet & greets, unreleased music and more through our unique tier system. These items will automatically be available via a claim system and dropped into your digital wallet giving you the option to redeem your reward or sell it. Points are only available for their respective seasons.

How do I join?

Start by downloading a MetaMask or Coinbase wallet. WALLET SAFETY IS KEY! When you set up your wallet, make sure to write down the secret recovery phrase (seed phrase) provided to you, keep it somewhere safe, and NEVER share it with anyone. Don’t take a picture or screenshot of it and do not connect your wallet to random, unfamiliar websites. Watch this video for more wallet and web3 safety information.

Then, follow these opt-in instructions: Using your wallet's built-in browser on mobile or a computer browser with your wallet's extension installed, you will go to, click on the UFO or another building, select Season Pass in the menu bar and follow the on-screen instructions.

How are points earned?

Points can be earned through in-person events such as parties, scanning the NFC tags attached to Avenged Sevenfold merchandise with the Berify app and transferring it to your digital wallet, streaming music, digital codes, and attending concerts. If you are a Deathbats Club member, your token acts as a 1.5x multiplier on points earned if it's in the wallet you've opted into the rewards program with.

How do I redeem my tokens for points?

Coming soon.

How do I view my rewards?

View your rewards by using your wallet's built-in browser or a browser with your wallet's extension installed by going to, click on the UFO, click your wallet address at the top right and select this icon in your tablet: 

How do I sell my rewards?

Coming soon.

Levels and Rewards

There are 5 levels and 25 tiers to our season pass loyalty program. For detailed information on each token click here.