Season Pass

What is Season Pass?

Our free season pass fan rewards program is aimed at helping and rewarding you, the fan. By opting in, you can collect points and earn rewards that includes merch discounts, free tickets, meet & greets, unreleased music and more through our unique tier system. These items will automatically be available via a claim system and dropped into your digital wallet giving you the option to redeem your reward or sell it. Points are only available for their respective seasons.

How do I join?

Start by downloading a MetaMask or Coinbase wallet. WALLET SAFETY IS KEY! When you set up your wallet, make sure to write down the secret recovery phrase (seed phrase) provided to you, keep it somewhere safe, and NEVER share it with anyone. Don’t take a picture or screenshot of it and do not connect your wallet to random, unfamiliar websites. Watch this video for more wallet and web3 safety information.

Then, follow these opt-in instructions: Using your wallet's built-in browser on mobile or a computer browser with your wallet's extension installed, you will go to, click on the UFO or another building, select Season Pass in the menu bar and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you would rather not participate in the free program, you can also purchase rewards like merch discounts, tickets to shows, and meet & greet spots from the official Rarible marketplace collection.

How are points earned?

Points can be earned through in-person events such as parties, scanning the NFC tags attached to Avenged Sevenfold merchandise with the Berify app and transferring it to your digital wallet, streaming music*, digital codes, and attending concerts. If you are a Deathbats Club member, your token acts as a 1.5x multiplier on points earned if it's in the wallet you've opted into the rewards program with.

*Rewards points for streaming music are not currently available. We appreciate your patience while we work hard to bring this option onboard.

How do I scan NFC tags and claim points?

Once you have set up your digital wallet, download the Berify app for iOS or Android and follow the steps to sign up (Gmail email address recommended). Then, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Open Berify and hold your device up to the tag
Step 2: Click "View Experience" then save the item to your Berify portfolio. Your Berify portfolio is separate from your personal wallet and a this is a required step.
Step 3: Swipe left and select the purple "Redeem NFT" button.
Step 4: Select MetaMask which will open the MetaMask app. If prompted to switch to the Polygon Network, click on 'Switch Network' and do so.
Step 5: Immediately go back to the Berify app and select "Confirm."

How do I view and transfer my Ticketmaster Ticket Stub Collectible for points?

When you attend a qualifying show with tickets sold through Ticketmaster and scan your ticket, you will recieve a complimentary Ticketmaster Ticket Stub Collectible which are worth rewards points. This collectible should show up after scanning your ticket upon entry or after the event. Please note: You must have purchased your ticket using your own Ticketmaster account tied to your email.In order to reviece points, you will have to transfer the collectible to your digital wallet. To do so:

Step 1: Sign into and select the stub you would like to transfer.
Step 2: On the next page with token information, click the ‘Transfer’ button found under Owned By.
Step 3: Sign into your digital wallet if prompted.
Step 4: Confirm that the wallet address shown on the Transfer NFT page is yours. Step 5: Click ‘Transfer’ and then click ‘Add Token.’

Step 1: Sign into and select the stub you would like to transfer.
Step 2: On the next page with token information, click the box-with-upwards-arrow in your browser and select Copy to copy the page’s URL. Step 3: Sign into your digital wallet’s app and paste the copied URL into the built-in-browser. Step 4: Click ‘Transfer’ found under Owned By and then click ‘Add Token.’ NOTE: If the Transfer option doesn’t appear, please allow up to 2 weeks and check again.

How do I know which rewards I can claim?

Once you have connected your wallet and signed in to the Season Pass page, you will see a Claim button under each reward you’ve unlocked.

How do I view my rewards tokens?

Once connected to and signed in to click your wallet address at the top right to pull up your tablet and select the icon pictured below: 

How do I redeem my tokens?

When viewing your rewards tokens via your tablet (instructions on how to do that above), you will select the token with the golden outline. A 'Redeem Perk' button will appear to the right, click that and follow the onscreen instructions. Please keep in mind that by redeeming your rewards you will be burning your token which means you will not be able to sell it thereafter.

FOR MERCH DISCOUNTS: Before redeeming, please make sure the email address you have listed on your .io profile matches the email you use on After you redeem your perk, your discount code can be found in Perk History on your profile. Please note there's a $1000 cart maximum when using your token(s). Your code will not work for a cart with more than $1000 worth of items added. If you attempt, your order will be cancelled.

How do I sell my rewards?

You can list your rewards for sale through our official Coinbase NFT marketplace collection.

Levels and Rewards

There are 5 levels and 25 tiers to our season pass loyalty program. For detailed information on each token click here.






DISCLAIMER: All points offered through this Beta rewards program are a bonus and we are not responsible for any merchandise that is not tagged and/or any tags that do not scan properly. Please do not change your spending habits in order to accumulate points.